The world is filled with movers & shakers silent hustlers, and big hearted caring givers that get used for their talents day in and day out

It’s amazing how some people can sleep at night as they walk through life taking from each individual they can slowly manipulate for the further meant of their own accord

How soon things come to a screeching halt, the second you stop bending over backwards for everyone else and take a stand for your life, and set a very much needed boundary for what you’ll allow anymore

Although one should never feel they need to change for anybody, we must be aware of our tendencies for that we can better protect our circle of trust and influencers from serpents that stick to our shadows waiting for that open moment to strike

Protect your circle

Make people always be within arms reach that don’t need to know the people you know, or what they do and where they come from

Keep them in their lane, until they have proven themselves to you that you can fully trust that they’ll represent your reputation and not tarnish it with lies & deceit while throwing you under the bus

Many people don’t see past their own intentions and only strive to put others down while moving up faster through the rat race leaving you dead & drained from always “going to bat” for them

When you step back and look at the fundamentals of your approach, remember that it stops and ends with you

No amount of persuasion should ever steer you off from what you need in life to continue your personal growth

Anyone that doesn’t understand that or complains about it needs to not be in your life

The Freedom of choice is real & when you lose the leaches that only see you as a meal ticket, you’ll find that you won’t feel so “heavy” and can walk through life with a higher chest knowing that you’re continuing to shed the skin and the people, that truly don’t belong in your world