When we focus on our individual journey
We may find that the people who are closest to us, the people that are most supportive may not be there when we achieve our dream

What’s in our path is all that we can control and when you stop trying to force yourself to please everyone, you’ll realize you’ll be left with a lot of time to discover your journey

Everyone can get wrapped up in the destination but what most miss the boat on is how they allow themselves to be during this journey

You can grind and hustle till you’re blue in the face, but what is the point of glorifying one thing when you’ve lost everything else in the pursuit?

This always comes back to balance

Working hard is part of the process for anyone wanting to think outside of the box and achieve something greater than what most can comprehend

And in the pursuit of your inner voice, in pursuit of the flame that continues to burn and direct the course of your life, there needs to be a breaking point of realization

Is it truly worth the sacrifice when you finally achieve the unthinkable, and are on top of the world living on cloud 9 completely isolated by yourself?

Establishing the connections to other beings, and having healthy relationships is one of the most rewarding parts of human growth we can experience

Don’t be the person that’s so obsessed with the end result that you stop living In the present and over look the simple aspects of life’s gifts

The faster you realize you’re just flesh and bone, the quicker you’ll come to the conclusion that having balance of mind balance of heart will make you and bring you the most success no money will every be able to buy