FREAKOUT FRIDAY 600m Run Squat Clean 12 (95/75) Push Press 18 (95/75) T2B 24 2 Rounds 10-31-15 Burpees Double Unders GHD Sit Ups Post Times to Comments

Tear it Down Tuesday 10/27/15

TEAR IT DOWN TUESDAY DB Snatch 10/per (55/25) Lateral Bar Hop Burpees 15 Double Unders 20 Four Rounds AMRAP 6 Front Squat 10 (135/95) C2B Pull-Ups 10 Post Time/Reps to Comments

Sunday Reflective 10/25/15

Sunday Reflective Every season brings a new reason to step out and try something unknown to your habitual like living habits We can all fall into what we know like love and never think to venture into another aspect of what the world has to offer But the more we get comfortable with the discomfort, the better and more fulfilled we will become How many moments have you started something had so much passion and [...]


FREAKOUT FRIDAY Deadlifts 5 (255/185) Ring Pull-Ups 6 HSPU 10 Wall Balls 12 (20/14) 200M Run 3 Rounds EMOM 6 Tire Flips 5 Post time to comments.

Man, does this shit fire me up!!   The most OVERLOOKED population in “competitive” fitness is hands down the Masters Division. Without a shadow of doubt, MASTERS are continuously treated like second class citizens at some of the BIGGEST events in the sport, and I’m sitting back here scratching my head wondering:  Why?   For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Mike Casavant and I am 32-year-old Strength & Conditioning coach [...]

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Why Every Motivational Meme You Read Is Not Motivating

****Warning, this blog will more than likely offend you**** I am sure you all have seen them pasted on your Instagram and Facebook feeds, pictures of beautiful serene mountain tops with some epic phrase or quote to “inspire” you to get moving and get happy and get living. Now, on the surface these all seem like harmless gestures that make someones day, but I sat down and analyzed this, maybe a bit more than one [...]