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Sunday Reflective *Protect Your Circle*

  The world is filled with movers & shakers silent hustlers, and big hearted caring givers that get used for their talents day in and day out It's amazing how some people can sleep at night as they walk through life taking from each individual they can slowly manipulate for the further meant of their own accord How soon things come to a screeching halt, the second you stop bending over backwards for everyone else [...]


STRENGTH Bench Press 4x5 (70%) Chest Dip 3 x 10* Pendlay Rows 3 x 12 (Sub-Max)* SuperSet*   CONDITIONING 3 Rounds Prowler 30 Feet (BW+10) T2B 10 Double Unders 40    

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Mindset, Competition & Michael Bolton?

Yo Yo, It's Coach Mike here checking in on this not too cold as fuuuuuug day in Massachusetts. So, I wanted to talk briefly on goal setting and the mental approach to training that I think many people can sometimes burn themselves the hell out if they don't have a good grasp on some key aspects that I'll address today. As some of you know, I am on a personal journey to lose a LOT [...]


Welcome to Kitchen Coaching with Coach Gerilyn. Each week we will feature a simple but super tasty recipe for some badass fuel for the body. Enjoy. Any Questions? Head over to the IFA Inner Circle on Facebook to talk to our coaches!

Breakfast of Champions with Coach Mike

A lot of people have been asking about Coach Mike's eating plan for 2016. This video gives a little insight into his breakfast. Thoughts? Head over to the IFA Inner Circle on Facebook to talk to our coaches!  

Weightlifting Wednesday with Coach Taylor

Strength and Technique pulling under the bar in the snatch First things first, make sure you are set up properly. Grip wide enough that the bar hits the crease of the hips while standing up with relaxed arms. Shoulders over or slightly in front of the bar. Head up, chest up. “Knuckles down” or “Break at the wrist” however you want to remember it. this helps keep the bar close. Weight towards the heel. Elbows [...]


STRENGTH Weight Vest Box Jumps 3 set x 5 reps (MAX Height) Back Squat 4 sets x 5 reps (70%) CONDITIONING 4 Rounds Overhead Walking Lunge 8/per leg (95/65) Burpee Pull-Ups 8 Double Unders 16

Monday Mobility with Coach G

Monday Mobility with Coach G! Any Questions? Head over to the IFA Inner Circle on Facebook to talk to our coaches!  

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(Sunday Reflective) *Flesh & Bone*

When we focus on our individual journey We may find that the people who are closest to us, the people that are most supportive may not be there when we achieve our dream What's in our path is all that we can control and when you stop trying to force yourself to please everyone, you'll realize you'll be left with a lot of time to discover your journey Everyone can get wrapped up in the [...]

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A First Place Victory At Wodapalooza 2016

This past weekend, history was made without a shadow of doubt at the 2016 Wodapalooza in Miami, Florida and I am still kicking my ass for not being in attendance but, slightly happy due to all of that DREADED rain *Yes I am a diva* This year, one of the Iron Force Athletics Remote Masters athletes Colleen Fahey absolutely put on a clinic of athleticism and took home a well deserved first place victory. I [...]