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STRENGTH -  Deadlift 6x4 (75%) Snatch Grip Deadlift From Blocks 4x4 (65%) *Below Knee/Fast & Explosive*  Paused Front Squats 4x4 (70%) *2 Second Pause*                                                                                                       [...]

  • Sunday Reflective 7

(Sunday Reflective) *Hesitancy*

With a new year comes many things Many desires wants aspirations rise to the surface during this auspicious time for us to recognize our true capabilities and rectify what we feel needs to occur to bring us to a different place But as we venture into new unknown territories, the indecision of life's woes can lead us and pull us to stagnant like tendencies and find us feeling frustrated and confused when all we truly [...]

  • Sunday Reflective 8

(Sunday Reflective) *Freedom*

Sometimes, as we fly from one thing to the next, trying to chase the objects that we can't see to add more to our day to day lives we forget that the simplest way to add more freedom is to do less It's very easy to amerce ourselves in external fragments that dictate a portion of our life needed to survive But when that survival becomes our only means, where is the diamond in the [...]