• Sunday Reflective 3

(Sunday Reflective) *Design*

The design and shape of ones mind is thought to be established from birth Though what is presumed to be and what we allow to be are two very different perspectives that form ones true identity Within the realms of a catastrophic view, under the lens of society's woes, we can come to embody traits that are not our own We can find ourselves locked and trapped within the walls of a modernized blue print [...]


STRENGTH   Deadlift 4x3 (75%) *Speed* Deadlift 2x5 (50%) Medium Band Tension   *Perform 5 3 Second Paused Bird Dogs Between Sets*   KB Front Racked Deficit Reverse Lunge 3x6/per (53/32) GHD 3x6 (Slow Eccentric)   CONDITIONING   WallBalls 20 (20/14) Cal Row 20 HollowRock Holds 20 Seconds L-Sits MAX   3 Rounds

Tear It Down Tuesday

STRENGTHFront Squat 4x3 (75%)*4 Second Eccentric*2 Second PauseFront Squat 2x8 (50%)*Medium Band Tension*KB Cossack Squat 3x8/per (53/32)CONDITIONINGRing Pause Pull-Ups 6*3 Second Pause At Top*Farmer Carries (MAX) 50 Yards  

Tear It Down Tuesday

STRENGTH   Front Squat 4x3 (75%) *4 Second Eccentric *2 Second Pause   Front Squat 2x8 (50%) *Medium Band Tension*   KB Cossack Squat 3x8/per (53/32)   CONDITIONING   Ring Pause Pull-Ups 6 *3 Second Pause At Top* Farmer Carries (MAX) 50 Yards Double Unders 30 T2B 10 3 Rounds

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Pancake Goodmorning

Pancake Goodmorning  

  • Sunday Reflective 4

(Sunday Reflective) *Silence*

As you start to unravel different forms of ones self, you will start to open your eyes to the world around you and start to truly address each emotion, person and general approach to life It can be like watching a silent movie, you know there are people and places and situations but all you see are their mouths moving All you feel is confusion The longer we allow ourselves to sit in silence and [...]


Freakout Friday

STRENGTH Bench Press 4 x 3 (75%) Incline Close Grip Bench 4 x 10 (Sub-Max) Snatch Grip Pendlay Rows 3 x 10 HSPU 3 x 8   CONDITIONING 30-20-10 Thrusters (95/65) T2B

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Powerlifter Vs. Crossfiter! Who Wins In The Battle Of The AMRAP??? *Video Included*

  Over the last several years, it's become almost a joke to point and snicker at Crossfit as a whole. The amount of articles that come out on the safety and why it's an abomination to the fitness industry are so second nature, it's like breathing at this point. Before I started working with Crossfit athletes, I used to be one of these people. I would constantly say things like "Pfffft fucking Crossfit is the [...]

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Modifying Exercises to Work Around Injuries – Part One: Lower Back.

  By:  Coach Taylor   Im sure by this point in your fitness or lifting career you know that INJURIES SUCK! But you don’t have to stop training altogether. I personally have a history of lumbar injuries L4/L5 specifically.   In my former life I was a powerlifter.   I had so many back injuries that I decided to become a bench press only powerlifter. For close to 3 years I trained my lower body [...]

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Cycle Your Protein Powder & Coach Mike Weight Loss Update!!

Coach Mike gives a nice breakdown about cycling protein powder as well a weight loss update! Any questions or comments? Head over to the IFA Inner Circle on Facebook to talk to our coaches!