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Monday Mobility with Coach G

Check out Coach G's Monday Mobility! Any questions? Head over to the IFA Inner Circle on Facebook to talk to our coaches!  


Tear it Down Tuesday

STRENGTH Broad Jump 5x5 Back Squat 4x3 (75%) GHD 4x6 CONDITIONING  KBS 50 (53/32) Kipping-Pull-Ups 40 Double Unders 30 OHS 20 (95/65) Rope Climb 10 1 Round For Time

  • Sunday Reflective 5

(Sunday Reflective) *Imbalance*

Living in a state of imbalance causes so many underlying feelings of torment, which can progressively get you further and further off life's destination When we haven't yet established the absolute platform for us as individuals to stand upon and build ourselves the foundation we need to fulfill our destiny's Nothing will ever truly be what it should We will always find ourselves in heavy states of lost confused and unsure Neither of these feelings [...]

Fire Flash Friday with Coach Mike

Yo Yo YO!! Coach Mike here checking in on this lovely Friday morning to bring the FIRST installment of... FIRE FLASH FRIDAY!! Each Friday I will post on several different topics, ideas and general nonsense going through my brain that I would like to share with everyone. So, let’s not waste anymore time and get down to business.   1. I read this article last week that absolutely BLEW my mind. It’s about a gentleman [...]


STRENGTH Deadlift 4 x 5 (70%) Snatch Grip Deadlift W/Medium Band Tension 4 x 5 (60%) Lateral Box Step Ups 3 x 5/Per Leg   CONDITIONING Farmer Carries x50 Feet (MAX Weight) Sled Push x10 Yards (BW+20lbs) Rest 2 Minutes Repeat x4

[KITCH’N COACHIN’ with Coach G] Pre-Workout Power Food

What's the best thing to eat pre-workout, you ask? Press play to see my recommendation: My go-to is an easily digestible protein + starch ~1 hour pre-workout. If you're training in the morning, add plenty of salt. Kill two birds with one stone with foods like pre-cooked & cooled white rice & white potatoes because they have higher levels of resistant starch, i.e., good gut bacteria food. No worries, you can re-heat it to eat. [...]

  • Stripper-pole-slip

Life Coach’n & Stripper Poles With Anna Tsui & Coach Mike

Yesterday was a SMASH afternoon jam packed with a SOLID training session, two KILLER meetings and one AMAZING car ride with my dear friend and High Performance Life Coach Anna Tsui. It was a totally spontaneous "interview" of sorts, and she touches on some key things to help you grow as a person, find balance in your life using a.... STRIPPER POLE?? And me freaking out on Boston traffic and Detours :) Happy Thursday Y'all [...]

Technique Primers For the Snatch

Technique Primers For the Snatch by: Coach Taylor “Technique Primers” as I call them, are a way to address technical flaws in your lifts as part of your warmup. Doing light assistance movements before your heavier sets can build motor pathways that will carry over to your work sets. i would focus on one flaw for a few weeks using this method. Don't try to do 6 different things before you snatch. you'll have no [...]

Tear it Down Tuesday

STRENGTH Front Squat 4x5 (70%) 2x3 *Pause Squats 3 Second Holds* (60%) Close Grip 1 ¼ Bench Press 4x6 (Max) CONDITIONING 3 Rounds Wall Balls 30 (20/14) Double Unders 30 300m Run  

Monday Mobility with Coach G

Monday Mobility with Coach G! Any questions? Head over to the IFA Inner Circle on Facebook to talk to our coaches!