• gret

Gretchen Kittelberger Joins The Coaching Roster For IFA

Today, I am SO stoked to welcome a new Member to the ‪#‎IronForceAthletics‬ Remote masters coaching program. We are welcoming 4x's Crossfit Games Athlete, Gretchen Kittelberger to the IFA Coaching roster. She will be taking over all of our Gymnastics Coaching & Programming and will be a massive asset to the continued evolution of IFA. I am on a constant quest to constantly level up the value we are providing to the Masters division, and [...]

  • row

Is Your Erg Set Up KILLING Your Gains?

(IFA-Endurance-Tip) Got a SMASH tip from our ‪#‎IronForceAthletics‬ Endurance Coach Beth Clark on how to properly be using the Erg. If you don't want to end up like this dude in the picture do to SHIT form!! Check. It. OUT! (IFA-Endurance-Tip) One of the big secrets to rowing is to learn how to be efficient with your movement. Efficiency begins with good posture. All good movement begins and ends with good posture no matter what [...]

  • Jimmy


(SUNSHINE & PEACE OF MIND) This is such a solid quote that resonates with me at this very second. There's so many moments along ones journey where we want to pull the plug and feel the act of defeat is winning. But truth be told, everyday is a form of defeat when we ultimately are living and breathing to formulate our own paths. Nothing about the journey is easy, and when we consider life as [...]

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Rear Elevated Split Squats And Why You Need To Do Them

(IFA-Strength Tip) After an absolute SAVAGE leg session on Monday, the DOMS has set in and I feel like I am using someone else's legs 😂😂 I've always incorporated Rear Elevated Split Squats in most if not all of our programs, especially for the ‪#‎IronForceAthletics‬ Remote-Masters Athletes. It's one of the best movements to improve single leg strength, stability and also helps increase ROM & Mobility. ~~~Oh, and you'll get DIESEL Quad Gainzzzzz.. 💪🏻 Most [...]