This past weekend, history was made without a shadow of doubt at the 2016 Wodapalooza in Miami, Florida and I am still kicking my ass for not being in attendance but, slightly happy due to all of that DREADED rain *Yes I am a diva*

This year, one of the Iron Force Athletics Remote Masters athletes Colleen Fahey absolutely put on a clinic of athleticism and took home a well deserved first place victory. I was glued to my phone and laptop all weekend checking on Colleen to see what events were coming up, how she was feeling and making sure she was RELAXED and fortunately, she’s competed… A couple of times 😉


Our entire Iron Force Inner Circle was in full reigns supporting her and wishing her praise and admiration. Colleen also had the amazing support from Crossfit Black Box  her home away from home in Tallahassee, FL. It was such a rad feeling to see something that I started about a year and half ago online, to see where we’ve been able to take things in a short period of time and the members past and present that have gone on to do some truly amazing things brings me such a feeling of accomplishment and we’ve only just started to scratch the surface.

Colleen is not like normal athletes, and in all honesty I don’t believe I’ve had the opportunity to even see how much more she has left to shine. She’s dedicated, humble and has a drive that is unique solely to the person that she embodies. She’s always a voice to support our members and has a heart of gold. I like to call her the quiet assassin because she’s so not the “show-boating” type, but I’ve always said it’s the “quiet” ones that you MUST watch out for and to say that she’s someone that will make you work 20x harder and make damn sure you know her name after a comp is an understatement. She didn’t even tell me that she was competing at #wzamiami until like 3 days before the event. I had to next day air her some Iron Force t’s and THANKFULLY! They arrived and she was able to rock them during some of the events.

Colleen Group Shot


She came. She conquered. She won.

I think I was bouncing off the walls more than her and in fact, scared the SHIT out of two lovely ladies in the Grocery Store when she informed me through Facebook Messenger that she had in deed won. *Sorry not sorry ladies*

Last year, I wrote an article a couple of days after the Games and it was focused on the fact that I felt the Masters Division gets limited coverage at some of the BIGGEST events in the sport and there is truly no reason for it.


As I watched Wodapalooza this last weekend, I was finding myself feeling that same irritation as I watched the Games last year. I’m looking at their Instagram their Facebook page EVERYWHERE and NOTHING was coming up on Colleen’s win, or any of the Masters athletes in all honesty. It’s always a very “oh, hey, there’s a few masters competing over there, oh cool”


Look, I get it.

The young studs & studettes are the driving force behind the sport which sell tickets and boost sales across the board, but for the love of god, we are not talking about Golf here, we are not watching a bunch of 50+ year old ass clowns wearing pink fluffy pants putting a fucking ball into a hole, we are talking about 40 and 50+ year olds performing some of the hardest workouts on the planet and are able to not only execute them, but out do the majority of 20 year olds I come across on a daily basis in the gym.


I can’t begin to say how much I just don’t understand the lack of attention for the Master’s division at these events but, these are the hands that these incredible athletes are drawn and most fall into two categories

  1. They could give two shits and are just happy to perform
  2. Are irritated at the lack of coverage and kick dirt around in hopes to get attention 😉

 Either way, these athletes like Colleen Fahey will continue to show the world how you can not truly focus on the number anymore and the sayings like “I’m getting old” or “I have no time with the kids” is a complete pile of shit. These athletes MAKE the time and know how much better they feel now as they are progressing in age than they probably ever did when they were in their 20’s.

I can say for CERTAIN that at 32 years old, looking at the athletes I get to train around the world everyday gives me the utmost faith that I’ll still be doing what I’m doing when I’m old and creepy looking :)

So, if you’re a Masters Athlete and looking to boost your training and be apart of one of the most supportive groups on the planet, don’t even THINK to hesitate. Just check out the Iron Force Inner-Circle and see what our programs are all about. I assure you, there’s nothing like this out there and you will have a complete blast while making IGNORANT gains.


Since we won’t be seeing the type of coverage I’d like for this division, I’ve decided that I’m going to open the doors to ANY non-masters athletes for about 12 days to join our Inner Circle.


If you’re 19 or 25 or 30 I don’t care, I want you to sign up and I want you to go up against our members because quit frankly, I DOUBT you’d be able to last a fucking week.

So, I’m putting my money where my mouth is. If you’re not a Masters athlete but you think you’re hot shit, PLEASE sign up and let’s see how well you hold up against some of the old timers in our SMASHtastic group. If you ARE a Masters athlete I’m really questioning why you’re still reading this.



Mike Casavant