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  • murph


Happy Memorial Day As much as it is a day off for most, and a time to be with family and friends, it's also a time to reflect and pay homage to the Men & Women who died while serving in the U.S. military, that have made it possible for me to even write this post. Today, we honor Michael Murphy. Cheers my friend! "Murph" For time: 1 mile Run 100 Pull-ups 200 Push-ups 300 [...]

  • starbucks

Sunshine & Peace Of Mind

(SUNSHINE & PEACE OF MIND) After being in paradise for 2 weeks, I had a super rough adjustment getting back on an East Coast schedule, and completely dragging ass from the Maui time difference. Being in California and cruising to Maui directly after was easily one of the best ideas I have ever had. Not taking enough down time, and truly pressing pause has become the story of my life. I can even look back [...]

  • awaken me

Maui, Coffee & Why I’m Never Leaving

Whenever I travel, I always seek out a couple of things when I first arrive to a destination. 1. Coffee 2. Training Facilities 3. Beaches Everything else will fall into place as long as I know where the best of these three options are located. I typically stress a lot of people out with my lack of preparation and usually just go with the flow and will figure it out when I get to where [...]

  • beach

New Changes In The Air

Got a chance to do some exploring this morning / afternoon in a sweet spot called Paia, Hawaii. I've heard nothing but amazing things about Maui and have been absolutely floored from the smallest things I've been exposed to in just a few hours. When people ask me what I truly want out of life, it always comes back to lifestyle and how I perceive and interpret my day to day. What's important to me [...]

  • ca image

California Love

I finally had some downtime to think about the last several days and what a whirlwind it has been. It's insane to think that my trip here in California is coming to an end tomorrow and heading off to Maui tomorrow afternoon. Being able to travel across the country and reconnect with friends & family has always been such a trip and truly made this trip that much better. The fact that you can pick [...]

  • wwe

Overhead Press Plateau

I don’t think there is anything worse than finding a lift that you straight up can not improve on. It’s like winning the lottery but getting an IOU, who the hell wants that? Today, I’m going to tackle the Overhead Press as many of our Masters Athletes seem to have a hard time increasing weight on this lift. I’d say of every lift in the catalog, the OHP is the hardest to develop Over the [...]

  • motivation to study

Why Every Motivational Meme You Read Is Not Motivating

****Warning, this blog will more than likely offend you**** I am sure you all have seen them pasted on your Instagram and Facebook feeds, pictures of beautiful serene mountain tops with some epic phrase or quote to "inspire" you to get moving and get happy and get living. Now, on the surface these all seem like harmless gestures that make someones day, but I sat down and analyzed this, maybe a bit more than one [...]

  • Sunday Reflective 1

Sunday Reflective *Defeat*

SUNDAY REFLECTIVE What does it say about the person who doesn't give up? The person whom never shows a sign of weakness even under scrutiny and the woes of everyday life These people are few and far between and when you come across one, take note on their every move as they do not breath nor think like anyone else and if you're aware they will awaken a certain thought process if you're able and [...]

  • Sunday Reflective 3

(Sunday Reflective) *Design*

The design and shape of ones mind is thought to be established from birth Though what is presumed to be and what we allow to be are two very different perspectives that form ones true identity Within the realms of a catastrophic view, under the lens of society's woes, we can come to embody traits that are not our own We can find ourselves locked and trapped within the walls of a modernized blue print [...]

  • Sunday Reflective 4

(Sunday Reflective) *Silence*

As you start to unravel different forms of ones self, you will start to open your eyes to the world around you and start to truly address each emotion, person and general approach to life It can be like watching a silent movie, you know there are people and places and situations but all you see are their mouths moving All you feel is confusion The longer we allow ourselves to sit in silence and [...]