1106, 2016
  • Gretchen

How To Clean Up Your Handstand Position

(IFA-Gymnastics Tip) Today, Coach Gretchen Kittelberger drops some knowledge on ****Drum Roll PLEASE**** Handstand Positioning and how to clean these UP!! Make sure you check out this video and get your learn on. SMASH _Mike

906, 2016
  • Bethyyy

Running Cadence Drills And Why You SUCK At Running!

(IFA-Endurance Tip) Coach Beth Clark drops the hammer on some SOLID cadence drills to enhance your running skills. I believe the last time I ran further than 40 yards was about 1988. I was five 😂😂 The point being, pay attention to what Beth has to say. She's Smahtttt!!! **************************************** Here is a simple cadence drill you can start today that will almost immediately improve your efficiency and speed. First, what is cadence? Running cadence [...]

806, 2016
  • images-2

Knee Position During The First Pull. Are You A Straight Legged Stripper?

Knees OUT!   As the bar breaks from the floor during the first pull of a snatch or clean it is imperative that you get your knees out of the way. This helps with a straight bar path(good) or the bar sweeping into the body(better). The bar moving out around the knees is, as they say, no bueno!   Knees out and back is going to be better than just knees back for most lifters. [...]

706, 2016
  • Deadlift

Pulling From The Floor, And Why You Need To Rethink It!!

(IFA-Strength-Tip) Deadlifts are easily without a shadow of doubt my favorite lift. It goes without saying that in my eyes, it's the king of all lifts. But one thing that has always bothered me is watching people that are brand new to deadlifting, immediately pull from the floor without having a better gauge on the fundamentals of the movement. Especially understanding hip hinge. I've always started new clients with two focused points to make sure [...]

706, 2016
  • Voila_Capture 2016-05-07_09-46-15_AM

Power Position in the Snatch, Clean, & Jerk Dip

“Start how you want to finish” - Donny Shankle The struggle is real for a lot of you with dropping your chest/leaning forward when you are pulling from the power position or dipping in the jerk. If you look at the 3 pictures, this is the bottom of the dip in a snatch, clean, and jerk. Back straight, shoulders behind the bar on the snatch and clean. From standing straight through the full dip, your [...]

606, 2016
  • food

Improved Sex Life From FOOD?

Want to improve your mental health? Maybe, boost your immune system? Or, how about an improved sex life that'll give you energy FOR DAYZ?😱🙈 That's right, you can get all THAT and more because I read it on the Internet 😂 Here's a SMASHTastic recipe from my nutritionist Kelly Ramirez that will surely get the taste buds lit UP and have you dying for more. I'll be crushing this as part of my post-workout meal [...]