3004, 2016
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California Love

I finally had some downtime to think about the last several days and what a whirlwind it has been. It's insane to think that my trip here in California is coming to an end tomorrow and heading off to Maui tomorrow afternoon. Being able to travel across the country and reconnect with friends & family has always been such a trip and truly made this trip that much better. The fact that you can pick [...]

1304, 2016
  • His traps are better than mine

Overhead Hand Position for Your Snatch & Overhead Squats

Most new lifters have trouble with the overhead position in snatches and overhead squats. Mobility gets the blame more often than not but mobility might not be the whole story. In this Weightlifting Wednesday we're going to start at the top and address the grip, arm, and shoulder position for these lifts. First, your overhead squat grip and snatch grip should be the same. The overhead squat is a just a portion of the snatch [...]

2403, 2016
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Overhead Press Plateau

I don’t think there is anything worse than finding a lift that you straight up can not improve on. It’s like winning the lottery but getting an IOU, who the hell wants that? Today, I’m going to tackle the Overhead Press as many of our Masters Athletes seem to have a hard time increasing weight on this lift. I’d say of every lift in the catalog, the OHP is the hardest to develop Over the [...]

1503, 2016
  • CrossFit South West Regional 2012

Masters Athletes and Why They are the Superior Breed to Train

  If you told me five years ago, that I would be writing an article about men & women 40-60+ that are the superior breed to train, I’d say you were on drugs. Why? Because five years ago, all I wanted to do was train the biggest, baddest 20 somethings on the planet. Anyone that was completely out of their minds were my ideal clients. Powerlifters, Strongman, Lineman, Combat Athletes, I wanted them all, and [...]

1403, 2016
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Why Every Motivational Meme You Read Is Not Motivating

****Warning, this blog will more than likely offend you**** I am sure you all have seen them pasted on your Instagram and Facebook feeds, pictures of beautiful serene mountain tops with some epic phrase or quote to "inspire" you to get moving and get happy and get living. Now, on the surface these all seem like harmless gestures that make someones day, but I sat down and analyzed this, maybe a bit more than one [...]

1003, 2016
  • Deadlift Chick

Deadlifts Got You Tense? Good! Tips & Technique!

I know what you are thinking “Mike, don’t you promote Yoga, mediation and all sorts of other holistic shit? Why would you think being tense is a good thing?” Being “tense” in certain aspects of life is actually fantastic, especially when it comes to training protocols. How many times have you heard a coach say “Engage Your Core?” Probably more often than I’d personally like to hear as this has zero actual meaning and to [...]