I finally had some downtime to think about the last several days and what a whirlwind it has been.

It’s insane to think that my trip here in California is coming to an end tomorrow and heading off to Maui tomorrow afternoon.

Being able to travel across the country and reconnect with friends & family has always been such a trip and truly made this trip that much better.

The fact that you can pick up where you left off every time no matter how long it’s been always makes me laugh.

This trip was one for the books not because of the insane shit that happened, but the connections I’ve built and rebuilt for years that are still as strong then as they are this very day.

California has had a piece of my heart since I first came here back on March 18th 2006 while on tour with my band Burn In Silence.

We cruised into San Francisco and I remember buying an orange from a Gas Station that was the size of my head.

It was the best orange I had ever eaten up to that point and still talk about it as I am right now.

The point is, California has had its teeth in me since that day and has always been a place I’ve felt I need to explore more and eventually live.

When you break things down to a very simplistic level, understand the things you need and truly want in your life, that’s what all of your efforts should be focusing on.

You could spend years banging your head off the same board or you can remove the board and establish the new direction to get to your desired outcome.

Back in Massachusetts, I have more road rage than I know what to do with, yet out here, sitting in MISERABLE traffic I found myself just hanging out, enjoying my drive and not stressing at all.

Lifestyle is very important to me and I’ve always said that if I had the opportunity to start my day and end my day on the beach, I’d be completely satisfied.

This simple image makes me want to work 1,000x’s harder to make that dream the most authentic reality in the not so distant future.

Cheers California.

You have won me over once again!