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Powerlifter Vs. Crossfiter! Who Wins In The Battle Of The AMRAP??? *Video Included*

  Over the last several years, it's become almost a joke to point and snicker at Crossfit as a whole. The amount of articles that come out on the safety and why it's an abomination to the fitness industry are so second nature, it's like breathing at this point. Before I started working with Crossfit athletes, I used to be one of these people. I would constantly say things like "Pfffft fucking Crossfit is the [...]

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Cycle Your Protein Powder & Coach Mike Weight Loss Update!!

Coach Mike gives a nice breakdown about cycling protein powder as well a weight loss update! Any questions or comments? Head over to the IFA Inner Circle on Facebook to talk to our coaches!  

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Life Coach’n & Stripper Poles With Anna Tsui & Coach Mike

Yesterday was a SMASH afternoon jam packed with a SOLID training session, two KILLER meetings and one AMAZING car ride with my dear friend and High Performance Life Coach Anna Tsui. It was a totally spontaneous "interview" of sorts, and she touches on some key things to help you grow as a person, find balance in your life using a.... STRIPPER POLE?? And me freaking out on Boston traffic and Detours :) Happy Thursday Y'all [...]

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Masters Athlete’s And The Low Back Pain Predicament

  Low back pain has been something I’ve been plagued with for years. I’m assuming this is a direct reflection of my brother and I trying to relive the WWF glory days in our parents backyard, or maybe the legendary beatings we’d unleash upon each other after someone lost in Duck Hunt (Yes that asshole dog that giggled when you lost still gives me nightmares) But all joking aside, low back tightness, stiffness and achiness [...]

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Holy Caving Knees Batman

It’s no surprise to walk into any gym at any given time, to see someone squatting more weight than they can properly handle. As a coach, I cringe walking through most gyms as I’m a freak about form and always want to give my advice and guidance to everyone that might need it.  Unfortunately, these days, when I’m not training at Iron Force Athletics, or training at my friends box’s/gyms, I’ve got my headphones on [...]

Freakout Friday 11/20/15

FREAKOUT FRIDAY Back Squat 6 (80%) Ring Dips 12 Cal Row 18 2 KB Front Racked Walking Lunge 6/per (53/32) 2 KB Push Press 12 (53/32) Cal Row 18 2 Rounds For Time AMRAP 4 Pistol Squat 4 HSPU 4 Put time in the comments below!

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FREAKOUT FRIDAY Squat Clean 10 (115/85) Power Snatch 10 (115/85) GHD SIt-Ups 10 10 Rounds Leave time in the comments below!


Back Squat 8 (225/185)Box Jump 16Deadlift 8 (225/185)Cal Row 16Four Rounds===============AB-Mat SitUps 100Push-Ups 100For Time Post Time to Comments.  


FREAKOUT FRIDAY 600m Run Squat Clean 12 (95/75) Push Press 18 (95/75) T2B 24 2 Rounds 10-31-15 Burpees Double Unders GHD Sit Ups Post Times to Comments


FREAKOUT FRIDAY Deadlifts 5 (255/185) Ring Pull-Ups 6 HSPU 10 Wall Balls 12 (20/14) 200M Run 3 Rounds EMOM 6 Tire Flips 5 Post time to comments.