Freakout Friday 11/20/15

FREAKOUT FRIDAY Back Squat 6 (80%) Ring Dips 12 Cal Row 18 2 KB Front Racked Walking Lunge 6/per (53/32) 2 KB Push Press 12 (53/32) Cal Row 18 2 Rounds For Time AMRAP 4 Pistol Squat 4 HSPU 4 Put time in the comments below!

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FREAKOUT FRIDAY Squat Clean 10 (115/85) Power Snatch 10 (115/85) GHD SIt-Ups 10 10 Rounds Leave time in the comments below!

Tear it Down Tuesday 11/10/15

TEAR IT DOWN TUESDAY =============== Pistol Squats 6/per Hand Stand Push Ups 6 Rope Climb 6 6 Rounds Post time to comments.

Sunday Reflective 11/8/15

Over the span of ones life, you will be faced with many of cross roads, many of let downs, and certainly many betrayals It never will get easier as you open yourself up to vulnerability, to try and add more selfless elements within the scope of your being and put as much good into the world as you can But no matter the case, someone somewhere is always looking out for themselves and no matter [...]


Back Squat 8 (225/185)Box Jump 16Deadlift 8 (225/185)Cal Row 16Four Rounds===============AB-Mat SitUps 100Push-Ups 100For Time Post Time to Comments.  

Tear it Down Tuesday 11/3/15

TEAR IT DOWN TUESDAY AMRAP 8 Rope Climb 3 Bar Facing Burpees 6 ========================== EMOM 12 Front Squat 5 (155/95) Box Jump 5 (Even) Snatch Grip Deadlift 5 (155/95) Snatch Grip Pendlay Rows 5 (155/95) (Odd)

Sunday Reflective 11/1/15

Being consistent is arguably one of the most challenging things for most to establish and implement within their lives At some point, you'll get tossed off course and everything takes a back seat, even the things you most love to do So during these trying times, how can you develop some form of accountability for yourself to make sure that when you do veer off you find your way back? Some people hire a coach, [...]


FREAKOUT FRIDAY 600m Run Squat Clean 12 (95/75) Push Press 18 (95/75) T2B 24 2 Rounds 10-31-15 Burpees Double Unders GHD Sit Ups Post Times to Comments

Tear it Down Tuesday 10/27/15

TEAR IT DOWN TUESDAY DB Snatch 10/per (55/25) Lateral Bar Hop Burpees 15 Double Unders 20 Four Rounds AMRAP 6 Front Squat 10 (135/95) C2B Pull-Ups 10 Post Time/Reps to Comments

Sunday Reflective 10/25/15

Sunday Reflective Every season brings a new reason to step out and try something unknown to your habitual like living habits We can all fall into what we know like love and never think to venture into another aspect of what the world has to offer But the more we get comfortable with the discomfort, the better and more fulfilled we will become How many moments have you started something had so much passion and [...]