• Sunday Reflective 1

Sunday Reflective *Defeat*

SUNDAY REFLECTIVE What does it say about the person who doesn't give up? The person whom never shows a sign of weakness even under scrutiny and the woes of everyday life These people are few and far between and when you come across one, take note on their every move as they do not breath nor think like anyone else and if you're aware they will awaken a certain thought process if you're able and [...]

  • Sunday Reflective 3

(Sunday Reflective) *Design*

The design and shape of ones mind is thought to be established from birth Though what is presumed to be and what we allow to be are two very different perspectives that form ones true identity Within the realms of a catastrophic view, under the lens of society's woes, we can come to embody traits that are not our own We can find ourselves locked and trapped within the walls of a modernized blue print [...]

  • Sunday Reflective 4

(Sunday Reflective) *Silence*

As you start to unravel different forms of ones self, you will start to open your eyes to the world around you and start to truly address each emotion, person and general approach to life It can be like watching a silent movie, you know there are people and places and situations but all you see are their mouths moving All you feel is confusion The longer we allow ourselves to sit in silence and [...]

  • Sunday Reflective 5

(Sunday Reflective) *Imbalance*

Living in a state of imbalance causes so many underlying feelings of torment, which can progressively get you further and further off life's destination When we haven't yet established the absolute platform for us as individuals to stand upon and build ourselves the foundation we need to fulfill our destiny's Nothing will ever truly be what it should We will always find ourselves in heavy states of lost confused and unsure Neither of these feelings [...]

  • Sunday Reflective 2

Sunday Reflective *Protect Your Circle*

  The world is filled with movers & shakers silent hustlers, and big hearted caring givers that get used for their talents day in and day out It's amazing how some people can sleep at night as they walk through life taking from each individual they can slowly manipulate for the further meant of their own accord How soon things come to a screeching halt, the second you stop bending over backwards for everyone else [...]

  • Sunday Reflective 6

(Sunday Reflective) *Flesh & Bone*

When we focus on our individual journey We may find that the people who are closest to us, the people that are most supportive may not be there when we achieve our dream What's in our path is all that we can control and when you stop trying to force yourself to please everyone, you'll realize you'll be left with a lot of time to discover your journey Everyone can get wrapped up in the [...]

  • Sunday Reflective 7

(Sunday Reflective) *Hesitancy*

With a new year comes many things Many desires wants aspirations rise to the surface during this auspicious time for us to recognize our true capabilities and rectify what we feel needs to occur to bring us to a different place But as we venture into new unknown territories, the indecision of life's woes can lead us and pull us to stagnant like tendencies and find us feeling frustrated and confused when all we truly [...]

  • Sunday Reflective 8

(Sunday Reflective) *Freedom*

Sometimes, as we fly from one thing to the next, trying to chase the objects that we can't see to add more to our day to day lives we forget that the simplest way to add more freedom is to do less It's very easy to amerce ourselves in external fragments that dictate a portion of our life needed to survive But when that survival becomes our only means, where is the diamond in the [...]

  • Sunday Reflective 9

(Sunday Reflective) *Circles*

There's a paradigm of loss that emulates growth but the journey to absolution can be quite the undertaking, unless you free your mind of doubt and open it to possibility The ocean before you has unlocked a new sensation and electrifies a portal within your being, that drives you to break the chains of stagnancy and find a new pulse under the stars The life you've lead up to this point has redefined this very [...]

Sunday Reflective 11/8/15

Over the span of ones life, you will be faced with many of cross roads, many of let downs, and certainly many betrayals It never will get easier as you open yourself up to vulnerability, to try and add more selfless elements within the scope of your being and put as much good into the world as you can But no matter the case, someone somewhere is always looking out for themselves and no matter [...]