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Power Position in the Snatch, Clean, & Jerk Dip

“Start how you want to finish” - Donny Shankle The struggle is real for a lot of you with dropping your chest/leaning forward when you are pulling from the power position or dipping in the jerk. If you look at the 3 pictures, this is the bottom of the dip in a snatch, clean, and jerk. Back straight, shoulders behind the bar on the snatch and clean. From standing straight through the full dip, your [...]

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(SUNSHINE & PEACE OF MIND) This is such a solid quote that resonates with me at this very second. There's so many moments along ones journey where we want to pull the plug and feel the act of defeat is winning. But truth be told, everyday is a form of defeat when we ultimately are living and breathing to formulate our own paths. Nothing about the journey is easy, and when we consider life as [...]

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Life Coach’n & Stripper Poles With Anna Tsui & Coach Mike

Yesterday was a SMASH afternoon jam packed with a SOLID training session, two KILLER meetings and one AMAZING car ride with my dear friend and High Performance Life Coach Anna Tsui. It was a totally spontaneous "interview" of sorts, and she touches on some key things to help you grow as a person, find balance in your life using a.... STRIPPER POLE?? And me freaking out on Boston traffic and Detours :) Happy Thursday Y'all [...]

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Man, does this shit fire me up!!   The most OVERLOOKED population in “competitive” fitness is hands down the Masters Division. Without a shadow of doubt, MASTERS are continuously treated like second class citizens at some of the BIGGEST events in the sport, and I’m sitting back here scratching my head wondering:  Why?   For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Mike Casavant and I am 32-year-old Strength & Conditioning coach [...]