Yo Yo YO!!

Coach Mike here checking in on this lovely Friday morning to bring the FIRST installment of…


Each Friday I will post on several different topics, ideas and general nonsense going through my brain that I would like to share with everyone.

So, let’s not waste anymore time and get down to business.


1. I read this article last week that absolutely BLEW my mind. It’s about a gentleman by the name of Paul Smith. He’s a remarkable artist who has Cerebral Palsy and makes his art using solely an old typewriter. WHAT?  I know, I could not believe it when I read it and saw what he’s able to create. It absolutely knocked me on my ass and I am positive you will enjoy this article so make sure you check it out.


2. This may come as a surprise to some BUT! Coach Mike LOVES to get pampered. Like… Really it’s kind of rediciculous. Look, I work my ass off and I like to sit back and chill the hell out when I have a few minutes to spare or take off for the weekend and hit a spa and do nothing but get massages, manicures, facials and whatever else I feel that given weekend is pulling me towards. I’m a huge advocate for dudes staying on top of their “primp” game ESPECIALLY with moisturizer.

I remember always reading various studies on how the bodies hydration or, dehydration ages us by YEARS and YEARS so, I’ve always been pretty diligent about face products, body lotions and anything that moisturizers the shit out of my dry ass skin. *Yes, all of my ex-girlfriends and I would fight over my beauty products* 😉

I’m currently waiting for this Organic Charcoal Face Mask that I’ve heard NOTHING but amazing things about and will be doing a swan dive into the bottle when I get it and of course, will report back with my review.

I know I KNOW!! Coach Mike really is a maniac… Yes, and I can still lift more than you anyday of the week, primping and ALL… So, stay up on your moisturizer game or ELSE…

3. Not sure if you are into Podcasts and if you are AWESOME! If you are not, I HIGHLY recommend you start getting down on the get down’s when it comes to upping your podcast game.

Recently, I came across a fantastic show called Primal Diet Modern Health and they cover a TON of really interesting topics and always highlight really interesting things that I would otherwise have no clue on and always have fantastic guests.

I found this show on the Vitamin K2 and how many INSANE benefits it has for heart, bones teeth and a number of other things. Very cool episode and you need to get on some K2 if you are not already taking it 😉


4. I know you always hear me talking about being more productive with my time and blocking out the world to get more shit done to stay ahead of the curve which is something I feel I’m starting to get a MUCH better grasp on thank the gods….

I also am always trying to up my skills as a trainer, human, trainer etc and came across a book that I absolutely love and have found to be extremely useful in a “get shit done” mentality.

It’s a book called The 12 Week Year and talks about the “urgency” factor that most neglect all year until December and need to close the year with a bang and hustle like a crazy person day in and day out to finish strong.

The approach of the book is to have that mentality (within reason) everyday of the year so you can be Superman productive and be laser focused on your main goal(s) to get yourself moving and groov’n in LIFE.


5. Lastly for the week is how I will close every week. A quote from someone awesome that’s passed on or still kicking ass.

“There’s a lot of blood, sweat, and guts between dreams and success.”

– Paul Bryant

Enjoy your weekend…


– Mike