Have you ever noticed how food absolutely changes your mood for good or for bad?

Think about it for a second.

As Football season is just ramping up, every Sunday from now until the dawn of time will be spent at your house, a friends house, a bar, a lounge, or physically at a game.

With that comes a large amount of horrible (awesomely bad) food, and typically tons of beeeeeahhhhs khedddd (cue Boston accent)


But now, think about your stomach come Monday.

Ehhhhh NOT so pretty right?

Now, lets take it even a step further.

Think about your mind for a minute and how certain foods affect your mood.

Maybe you have a sweet tooth and NO chocolate bar or ice cream container within a 90 mile radius is safe. Or maybe you’re a carb lover and hangout with your Italian grandma housing her home made pasta on the daily.

But upon having that, how do you feel?

What happens to your mind after you intake those things?

Let me take into consideration, that being “strict” with your food or being a complete psycho path (unless cutting for a comp) with counting calories can be such a daunting task.

So how do we eat for our sport and maintain or achieve a certain aesthetic that suits your personal goals?

I am probably the last person on earth that has a solid sense for nutrition, and fortunately for me, have many friends, especially my main man Brad Dieter for guidance.

But even with ALL of those resources, I can and still get off track. The old saying “Well, were human” is complete bullshit.

For the longest time, I’ve stated that obesity is many times just pure laziness and a blatant disregard for your health.

I’ve always struggled with having a proper balance in my life with work, love life, relationships, and focus and love for thy self.

With all that in mind, you’ll start to unravel certain characteristics or patterns that you seem to fall into.

For me, for whatever reason, Winter always seems to be when I lose focus and stop doing things that bring me so much happiness.


In a way, it’s almost like I set myself up to fail, even though I’m the BIGGEST supporter of everybody else, I can lose sight on the things that keep my mind at ease, and keep me always striving to continue to better myself.

But when I get overwhelmed, or I start to feel pressure on finishing a large task, I always put myself second.

I’ll put off training to the following day, ill opt out of taking yoga to work, ill eat things I shouldn’t be eating at times I shouldn’t be eating them and literally work myself into a rut.

So even though I know how to train, know I have the best resources for nutrition guidance, I still slip up and get off course, ME the coach of hundreds of amazing people that bring me such joy and happiness.

Even coaches need to be coached, and I’m the king of never writing my own programs because that’s what I do all day everyday for everyone else, so when it comes to me, I don’t want to think, I just want someone to give me the map and ill steer the ship.

So why am I dropping all of this on you?


We will ALWAYS fuck up. We will ALWAYS put ourselves second at certain points in our lives. And we will ALWAYS start over once we catch ourselves slipping.

But that’s just it.

We need to have a solid ground to walk on, before we can sprint jump and do back flips while making a paleo friendly sandwich (if that’s your bag)


For the longest time, I never knew what ground I was walking on. I never truly had a solid grasp on where I wanted to go, and what I wanted to do.

So with all of that “unknown” territory, my mind would feel like its spinning a 1,000 miles an hour, and stop me dead in my tracks from making a solid step to push forward.

But I figured out a lot about me over the years. I learned so much about my habits, and my areas that I need to focus on when things get tough and could push me off track, and know the things that bring me the most happiness.

So with all of this push to get things done, and bust my ass, I sometimes forget that I need to bust my own ass, and make time for myself a MAJOR priority with no compromise.


Yes we are human, but how many times can we continue down the path when we already know that the outcome is less than stellar?

It’s not about MAJOR changes instantly.

It’s about small steps of incorporating something positive, or something beneficial in your daily and weekly lives.

It’s about knowing the things that mean something, and consistently working to improve those areas and actually doing it.

Food for thought can mean many things, but for you, for me, it just means staying consistent with the things that matter most, and always staying the course, even when the bumps are higher and harder to get over.