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How would you like an expert coach for EVERY facet of your training?

Step into The Iron Force Inner Circle:

Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Gymnastics, Mobilization, Nutrition, Strongman and Conditioning experts at your disposal

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  • You will be introduced to the other athletes around the world that have been running our programs and are just as eager as you to continue evolving and reaching your goals.
  • You will have DIRECT communication with each of our coaches for daily video critiques, guidance, program questions, motivation, and a TON of laughs.
  • You will have EXCLUSIVE discounts on several companies that we work closely with.
  • You will also have access to our video vault of tutorials breaking down each movement so you KNOW how WE want you to train.
  • ACCESS to multiple levels of programming perfect for everyone from the BUSY Masters athlete who wants to get in and out of the gym in an hour to the elite competitor looking DOMINATE the opens, regionals, and games.

Each phase will have a more focused approach but will always hover around these four training protocols.

  • Mobilization

  • Power

  • Strength

  • Endurance

The key here is to find the magical balance where you’re getting stronger while increasing your work capacity AND moving proficiently through skills and gymnastic work.


Even though we are running a progressive strength protocol, we’ve found a way to combine everything you’d need to continue the evolution of your competitive endeavors, without having to be in the gym for endless hours.


Get Mobilized-Increase Strength-Build Your Engine

Power SubMax Loads At INSANE Speeds

Do it all in a well thought out program

OWN The World 😉


Perform more weight for more reps in less time.



By increasing intensity and manipulating reps and rest periods over a period of time.

The king of all lifts and one that most always need work on is cycled in a few times a week along with other Squat variations (tempo/speed) If you’re not developing speed and executing technique in your Olympic Lifts, Squat variations and Pull variations, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

These NEED to be addressed and built upon so when it’s go-time, you’re ready to rip the heads off of anyone in your path. You will be working these no question.

Olympic Lifting – Starting with plenty of complexes and paused lifts, we will improve positional strength and comfort in the proper positions.

Transitioning from complexes to the full lifts, while tapering volume, we are setting up athletes to handle higher percentages and set new personal records.

Pulls – We will have a heavy emphasis on posterior chain strength and stability.

Once this is fully developed, you will have an explosive hip extension and lockout and be pulling your way to victory. We will also be teaching you how to work your stretch reflex and how to use that to your advantage in training/competitions.

Skill work is where some of the strongest individuals can often get held up, and this is something that is extremely high on the list of execution proficiency

Without the skills, you can’t pay the billz 😉

Bet your ass that we will be hammering this throughout each phase of the programs!


Your weak link is your next injury to sideline you but it doesn’t have to be.  

Are you…

A “gear junkie”?

Constantly getting “tweaked” and training through injuries?

Breaking down every time you lift heavy?

More intimate with your foam roller & lacrosse ball than your spouse?

Our program is not your average mobility program.

With our expert guidance on mobility, you can expect to:

  • Lift better, progress faster – PAIN FREE – with an individualized mobility program built into your Opens Domination Program.

  • Stop going to this website, that coach, and your weekly chiro visit trying to figure out all the different pieces on your own.

  • Take a break from thinking, and just do the program, step-by-step Most programs target sore/tweaked muscles with a ball and banded exercise. You might feel better afterward, but you just keep having problems with your lifts and “trouble areas.” We eliminate the cause of the tweaks in the first place Most programs attempt to “cue you to death” to fix your form. We fix your baseline first, so the hard stuff feels easy. In the beginning stages of the IFA-Mobility program we will be fixing your movement, and breathing and executing at high volumes PAIN free. You’ll get better, quicker, and stronger at muscle-ups, handstands, and gymnastic-specific work.

With our mobility program, you will:

  • Loosen your tight spots FASTER with individualized mobility drills

  • Fix your gymnastics by building a strong base

  • Prevent your next injury by strengthening your weak links

  • Fix your posture, your overhead, and your snatch

  • Superhuman strength, impervious to injury

  • Pain-free warm-ups


At this stage of your game, your nutrition, training, and recovery must be 100% on point to prepare you for any training session or comp going forward.

You need a nutrition coach.  Going to two different coaches for training and nutrition is dangerous. Any misunderstanding of your training program, your unique body and recovery potential, and your needs could put you out for weeks with an injury you just don’t understand why you got.

Thankfully, our nutritionist both lifts, competes, and addresses male/female individual needs.

With the IFA Nutrition Program, you’ll get:

  • A nutrition plan based on your current training program and needs

  • Male & Female-specific guidelines

  • A real, live coach to update, stay accountable to and ask questions

  • Better, faster recovery

  • More energy during training

  • Be-Your-Best-on-Game-Day Competition Prep Guidelines

On our journey together through our program, you will be laughing your ass off and feel welcomed into the IFA Family to express yourself and show the others who exactly you are.

* Be fair warned, there are some LUNATICS in this group*

Once you register, you are IN….

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Not only will you get to meet the members, you’ll be able to chat it up with me and the other amazing coaches to have you start submitting your videos of your main lifts so we can dial your form in something FIERCE and make sure you’re able to out do anything you thought possible.

If you want to continue “randomly” training and wondering why you’ve made zero gains then keep at it.


If you’re like our members and are striving for greatness and need the support, guidance, accountability and community, then look no farther.


Schedule 1 of 10 FREE coaching calls I’ll be doing Tuesday-Thursday (April 4th-7th) THIS week so I can better understand what it is you’re looking to accomplish, and if Iron Force Athletics can be a good fit for you and your goals.

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Mike Casavant