What’s the haps KIDS??

Coach G and I had a fantastic conversation today about how we can organize
the Facebook Group to be most effective.

Anyways, I had Coach G draft up a few key things that we want you guys to
do going forward and here it is….

[POSTING RULES >>> Postings NOT following these guidelines WILL BE DELETED]

IFA is the ONLY one I know of that gives access to every coach you’ll need, all in one place. It’s the reason I am honored to be a part of it.

Your coaches are:
• Strength & Conditioning: Coach (Mike Casavant) & Coach (Peter Sannicandro)
• Olympic Lifting: Coach Taylor (Taylor Guillemette)
• Nutrition & Mobility/Gymnastics (i.e., the stuff you HATE in the program, usually at the end): Coach G (Gerilyn Burnett)

Your questions & critiques not only help you but everyone else in the group with similar issues. And because we are just as busy as you, please use the following guidelines to post your VIDEO CRITIQUES & PRIVATE MESSAGES to each of the coaches.


• Use the [VIDEO CRITIQUE] Header
• Tag the appropriate coach(es)
• Offer a well-thought-through summary &/or question about a SPECIFIC aspect of the exercise

Several videos have been posted in the last week either without a coach tagged OR without the appropriate coach tagged.

We have multiple videos to look at each day. Please tag us appropriately or your video WILL get lost in the mix.

• How the exercise felt to you – what felt good/what didn’t & WHERE. If this is a continual issue, include the progress you are making to our specific critiques.

• WHAT, SPECIFICALLY, you are having trouble with. I.e., your R shoulder keeps acting up with weighted dislocates, your lower back in your deadlift, or the 2nd pull of your C&J.

• Vet your own videos with the Tutorial Videos included with your program. If your video looks NOTHING like the tutorial video, well, you know where to start.

Please think your questions through, share them clearly, AND offer 1-3 possible solutions when you post a question OR send any of the coaches a private message.

We do not have time to wade through a brain dump to try & assume what your question is.
We DO want to help you. :) So please use the following guidelines. Questions NOT using these guidelines will be asked to edit, then deleted if not improved.

1. Use a header with the following format. e.g., [Nutrition: protein sources], [Oly Lifting: shoes], or [Strength: belts].

2. If a coach can help you or you are looking for a specific coach’s response, tag the appropriate coach.

3. Share your well-thought out question & 1-3 possible solutions.

Good questions include
A) the question,
B) what you’ve tried to improve it & those results,
C) what you think the next steps are

[Nutrition: fatigue]
I’m having issues with feeling fatigued during my workouts. I’ve tried: eating before my workout for a week, & drinking a shake in the middle of my workout for a week, but it only makes me feel bloated & stalls the rest of my workout.

Here’s what I eat: eggs & veggies for breakfast, a big salad with chicken at lunch, and meat and veggies at dinner that total XXXX calories per day. (I weigh X)

Do you think:
• I need more carbs?
• Am I eating enough?

– I feel tired during my workouts. My coach in my box says I need to eat more and I tried that. What do you think I should do?

There you have it folks…..

Hope you guys understand this outline, and anyone that has a question
definitely post it in the group and use our outline above so we can
answer and make sure you’re ready to roll..