If you told me five years ago, that I would be writing an article about men & women 40-60+ that are the superior breed to train, I’d say you were on drugs.


Because five years ago, all I wanted to do was train the biggest, baddest 20 somethings on the planet.

Anyone that was completely out of their minds were my ideal clients.

alice cooper

Powerlifters, Strongman, Lineman, Combat Athletes, I wanted them all, and did not care about anyone else (or so I thought)

After about a year of training those individuals, I had a truly earth shattering conversation that made me open my eyes to what and who needed the most attention within a training realm.

A friend, that’s become more of a mentor these days asked me “If you wrote down every single one of your clients, list them in age groups, list how many times you see them on a week to week basis, how dedicated they are, and which group gives you the least amount  of headaches, train them and only them for the rest of your life”

I left that conversation with a serious amount to think about, and after outlining my clients, I noticed that the majority of my awesome clients, fell in the “Masters” category.

After peeling back the layers a bit more, I had many conversations with my Masters clients to get down to the root of why they were training with me, and why training was important to them.

This was the aha moment for me where I knew that this was the group I was put on this earth to train.


*At 43 I feel and look better than I did when I was 20

*I refuse to be like my friends who sit on their asses and eat themselves into oblivion. I’ll be crushing it until I’m in the grave

*60 is the new 40

*I refuse to be put in a home because I can’t take care of myself. My health is my number one priority

These were just a few statements that knocked me on my ass and woke me up to see how relentless these individuals actually were.

It made me see how bad they not only wanted it, but needed it to continue living life on their own terms and avoid all of the things that people have to face as we progress in age.

Not one of my younger clients have I ever seen that same amount of drive and passion.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve trained some absolute maniacs that still to this day blow my mind with their abilities, but it’s a different type of drive that I see in Masters that get me up in the morning.

When I started getting asked to train Crossfitters for competitions, I was so beyond stoked to work and mold them into freaky freakish maniacal maniacs.

Watching some of these guys walk into the gym with an already heavy arsenal on their side and improving every aspect of their physical capabilities over a four month span, from a coaching stand point, makes you feel like a million bucks.

This is why I do this. I do this to help people. I do this to take what you think you know, and what you think you are capable of doing and throw it out the window. I refuse to let anyone fail. I refuse to let another client think that they don’t have the abilities to compete. It’s bullshit because you do and you can.


After training several younger Crossfitters, I was approached by a few Master’s men that were looking to step it up in their training and wanted my guidance to take them there.

I started a barbell club that met three times a week and absolutely blew my mind.

The dedication from these individuals was second to none.

I even had one of my clients tell his wife that he was not going to get a vasectomy because the thought of missing 3 to 4 weeks of training made him sick.

Week in week out, I see these guys improving. I see them going from very fit to start, to “games” worthy present day and it’s unreal.

What I’ve found over the years of training multiple age groups, is that the 20 somethings don’t know if they are coming or going.


They have multiple agendas and training typically is important to them, but because they are still young enough, and can bounce back quickly, they don’t see the “need” quite yet. I also find that 20 somethings are constantly changing careers, breaking up with significant others, and will always find an excuse why they can’t train.

Masters athletes have none of that BS.

They are nose to the grind serious about their training, they want to know the whats, the whys, and all aspects of what they are doing and how they can improve.

They actually listen to what I tell them to do. They want to focus on their recovery and mobility as much as they do their strength. They will always work their schedules to fit within their training because they have made it that important within their lives. They typically are not in “transition” mode and have settled down, have homes, have families, have stable careers, and just want to work with the best individuals to take their training to the next level.

I’ve always had the dream big mentality, but I’ve also had the work ethic to back that mentality up.

I have never been handed a thing in my life and have had to claw my way to achieve any amount of success that I’ve accumulated over the years through tough as nails hard work.

Rick pitino

I guess this is why I relate so well to my Master’s clients. We all seem to be cut from the same cloth and have an almost obsessive drive to be better and achieve bigger things.

This type of thinking lead me to want to take what I was doing in the gym, and try and put it out to the world to help as many people as humanly possible.

Building an online based program was what I felt the Masters needed.

I did not want to build just a e-book, I wanted to create a culture of individuals that could feel safe knowing that we would provide them with the best training and nutritional info on the market.

I decided to take a program that I wrote with my other coach Peter, grab my friend Brad to handle nutrition and overall guidance and find some individuals that were looking to up their games.

After running our first 8 week program, the results were INSANE.

In all of my years of training clients, I have never seen passion and drive like we saw from these men & women that gave our program complete hell.

Over those two months, you become a family, you really honestly do.


Everyday I would wake up to check in with the group, post something within our forum to see how people were doing and just smile and laugh at how much people were improving.

There truly is nothing like building a tribe of people that just GET IT.

They want quality, in fact, they demand quality, and that’s all myself and my coaches will ever produce time and time again.

All the years of studying, interning, studying & applying have brought me to this wonderful place, with the most diehard individuals on the planet.

If you for one second sleep on any Masters (especially ones running our programs) they will absolutely hands down leave you in the dust.

40 Is the new 20

50 Is the new 30

60 is the new 40

Keep Calm & Get Owned By A Master

Mike Casavant