This past weekend, I spent the day checking out a Masters’ competition in Acton Massachusetts at a box called Crossfit2A. The facility is cool, the comp was well run and had some solid athletes competing through out the day.


Something hit me as I watched these 40+ men & woman, absolutely crushing these wods, and literally leaving it all on the gym floor. I realized how much I love competitions, and how important it is for Master’s athletes to compete.

Now, I know what you’re thinking “But Mike ALL Crossfitter’s love to compete right?”

Well sure, I’d say that a lot of Crossfitter’s are down with the clown on the competition front, but for me, the competition is a way for you to truly test the areas in which you need to focus on in your actual training.

I had the opportunity to meet a couple of members that are part of our Masters Of Savagery private Facebook group today, and got to see them in action.

Some did great, while others had areas I knew they needed to work on to improve their performance going forward.

The hardest thing to do is train your weaknesses, because let’s face it, you want to go in each week and hit the stuff that you’re actually good at, that you know you’ll crush and will leave you feeling like a king or queen for that given day.


The problem..

When competitions come up, and your friends are all chomping at the bit to get you to team up and wreak havoc, unless you’re competing doing all of the shit that you’re actually good at, chances are you’re going to suffer, and I saw several people suffering today that need to take the time to truly develop their lifts.

That being said, I’m not telling anyone they should not compete, in fact, you should always compete at some point during a training cycle, or at least have an end point to your training as it’ll make those viscous weeks where you’re running the same outline week in week out a breath of release, and compete your face off to showcase your #gains.

Clearly it’s something that should be fun, and newbies should jump in the mix and have at it because it builds community awareness, and it gives them a chance to see some athletes whom they may even look up to and train side by side with, to see if that’s the caliber of athlete they’re striding to become, or if they’re just happy having fun and not taking things too seriously.

I had a guy come up to me this afternoon and said “Hey, you’re Mike Casavant right? Man, your wod’s that you post each week are incredible, they’re so different and I look forward to seeing them Tuesday’s and Friday’s each week. We have a few guys at my box that I do them with, and I really just wanted to thank you for what you’re doing for us old bastards. You don’t know how much it means to us”

MAN, what a compliment to hear.

I was grinning like a school girl for the rest of the afternoon and felt like I was on top of the world. (Or drunk off Fireball)


All of the work that we put into our online programs, and building our community that we’re growing each week, the time and sacrifice is all worth it to me because I’m so passionate about training, and I’m so passionate about helping Master’s athletes achieve their goals, but when you get little pats on the shoulder like that, it definitely makes you want to work 100x harder.

I’ve always said that to find your true voice as an athlete, you need to always train with people that are better than you. If you’re the best in your box, great, sign up for a comp and see how you hold up against athletes from a different box.

Don’t feel like you’re god’s gift to the world because you can crush 100 burpees in 2 minutes. That’s kind of impressive…. I guess….

But what’s impressive to me, is seeing the 49 year old, Deadlifting 500+lbs, after those burpess, and throwing in T2b’s, Hspu’s, and a mile run, just to take 15-20 minutes off and do another round of ignorance again.

People ask me all the time why at 31, I choose to train Masters athletes, and why I don’t look for the 23 year old savages.

Well, that’s pretty simple.

Yes there are many young up and coming athletes that impress me, but they are a dime a dozen and personally, I’d rather see the older freaks do damage as it gives me hope to be at the masters level one day, still crushing weight like it’s my…. WAIT! It is my job.. Awesome.

Some people want to leave this earth with a legacy. They want to have left something for generation after generation to look up to, or study and continue to mold minds and mold bodies.

Well, I guess for me, I want people to look at what I’m trying to create with Strength Masters and know that I went above and beyond to help the “forgotten” group.

I call you the forgotten group because to my knowledge, nobody was gearing anything truly to just you, hence why we are here, trying to help you amazing athletes get better, not for the short term, but for the rest of your life.


(This is one of our online clients Tina dead smack in the middle after DESTROYING her competition today in Pennsylvania. I think she used Fireball as a pre-workout)

Masters competitions pop up often and as Opens are approaching rapidly, it’s your job to test yourself and see how you’ll hold up against the other savages in your region.

Don’t be intimidated by competing.

Look at it as a constant learning experience to see how you hold up under pressure, and to constantly reevaluate what you’re doing in your regular training programs to keep evolving.

Demand more of yourself always!

Tear It Down