Whenever I travel, I always seek out a couple of things when I first arrive to a destination.

1. Coffee
2. Training Facilities
3. Beaches

Everything else will fall into place as long as I know where the best of these three options are located.

I typically stress a lot of people out with my lack of preparation and usually just go with the flow and will figure it out when I get to where I’m going.

Packing? I literally threw the last two shirts from my laundry in my suitcase when my uber was outside.

Lodging? FORTUNATELY I have some amazing friends all over the world and can always make a phone call or shoot an email to see if it would be okay to crash at their place.

Or, I’ll just grab a hotel and do backflips off my bed.

Yesterday was an awesome afternoon even with the rain and clouds, it opened up to be a beautiful day and got some good hangs at the beach.

Checked out an AMAZING restaurant called @monkeypodkitchen and totally housed some incredible food and fantastic cocktails.

There was a little store below MonkeyPod and I ended up seeing this @awakenmecoffee ColdBrew and grabbed a bottle.

Well, turns out, this could quite possibly be one of the best cold brews I’ve had and I want to buy it ALL!!!

It’s amazing how something like a solid coffee will put the biggest smile on my face.

Today’s going to be solid.

About to slay some training. Shower. And head off to grab some breakfast and hopefully a straight razor shave/beard trim as I’m starting to look like grizzly Adams lol

Then, it’s beach life for the afternoon to stay up on that tan grizzly.

Maui is the absolute shit and I don’t know if I want to leave.