Yo Yo,

It’s Coach Mike here checking in on this not too cold as fuuuuuug day in Massachusetts.

So, I wanted to talk briefly on goal setting and the mental approach to training
that I think many people can sometimes burn themselves the hell out if they don’t have
a good grasp on some key aspects that I’ll address today.

As some of you know, I am on a personal journey to lose a LOT of weight and get myself
in the greatest shape I have ever been in for a lot of different reasons but truly, the weight is
And or was a direct reflection of a year for me that I will never allow to happen again.

See, I gave up on me..

In 2015, I gave up and said “fuck it” and did not focus any of my time
On my personal well being. Just worked a lot and made horrible personal choices that
Brought me nowhere sweet.

As the end of 2015 neared, I had a wake-up call that damn near scared me and I’m not quite ready
to talk about just what opened my eyes to make some drastic changes in my life, but I assure you
I will be at a place to discuss this in the on coming months.

Here I am a Strength & Conditioning coach and became a martyr to my own profession, and stopped doing anything that remotely makes me… Well, me…

Instead I allowed a LOT of old demons to creep back into my life and steer me down a brutal road that I wouldn’t wish on my worse enemies
(Which if you can tell, I don’t have too many.. I’m too sweet and adorable) 😉

The thing is guys, I lost touch because I truly did not have stability and a personal understanding of what makes me truly tick, what I truly need as an individual and what I MUST do on a daily basis to always recheck in with myself to make sure that shit is on point, and I’m on the level and in control of my life.

Where I’m going with this all comes back to mindset and how you are approaching not just your training but your everyday life.


From how you wake up in the morning, to how you organize your thoughts to how you actually train, it TRULY says so much about YOU as a person if you sit back to identify your behaviors.

For example, I’m a person that trains like the world is going to end and I yell, say FUCK a hell of a lot and find myself consistently kicking shit…

Like ANYTHING in my path I kick BUT this is what makes me my insane self, and it also is
A sense of creative release. I know, if I’m not able to be creative my life is over..

Literally, it’s the saving grace and has been the saving grace for me since I was a kid.

Being able to write music or write poems or just write whatever the hell my crazy brain comes up with was a chance for me to escape from the mundane bullshit of everyday life that we all must “get up and face” and sometimes, I just want to punch a hole through a wall and scream, other days I want to give everyone a hug, and SOMETIMES I just want to curl up
by a fire and listen to Michael Bolton Cassette tapes on repeat
(I’m lying for fuck’s sake that man should not exist)


So, my question is…

Have you ever spent time truly reflecting on what it is you need as an individual?

Have you identified the loop holes in your training and feel you need more guidance to get better?

I will tell you unquestionably that it all starts and ends with you, and as cheesy as this may sound, you already have EVERYTHING that you truly need to find yourself at the end of the spectrum looking at the individual you are and the person you want to be.

I’ve always found that when training, you NEED to train with a purpose.

As a colleague of mine Greg Robbins preaches and is the basis for his entire approach to training, I cannot and could not agree more with this statement which is why I’ve shined light on this today.

Most people that aimlessly train
(Which if you’re an IFA member could NOT be further from the truth) wear it all over their face.

You can spot them 10 miles away.

Let me paint this picture (granted, I’m using a globo gym as the canvas but bare the hell with me)


Dude walks in with an oversized shirt ( you know, the ones with the neck that’s stretched too far) looks like they just rolled out of bed, hairs all the fuck the fuck over the place, they have that “I just drank a 30 pack last night” eye glaze wearing their high school football shorts even though they’ve been out of High School for 10 years, white socks one half way up one somewhere I don’t care to know, and beat to HELL tennis shoes that looks like he walked and stepped in a pile of tar, shit, and donuts.

YOU KNOW who I’m talking about if you’ve ever trained at a Gold’s or a non-CF box.
(I could go on a CF meathead rant too but, for time’s sake)

This is the dude that will be on all of your equipment that you need to use for that day’s training, he has no clue what he’s doing, jumps from bicep curls to the stair-master to that thing in the corner that no one ever uses but looks “functional” and this dude’s ALL over it.

THEN, this same dude has the audacity to try and “jump in” on your set and strips the bar of all your precious weight, and puts on 10 GOT damn pounds.

do you even

This is an actual event that has occurred to me over the years, and some of it may be embellished for entertainment purposes, but the “meat” of this scenario is DEAD on.

When you walk through life with a purpose, it BLEEDS out of your pores.
When you have confidence there is a DEFINITIVE stride in your step.
When you set boundaries people have no choice but to RESPECT you.
All of this comes back to how we allow external forces to change the path of our days, to fuck with our training and get into our minds to throw us off course.
This is the EXACT shit that will DESTROY you in competition.

If you can’t deal with the aimless trainee at the globo gym, or the woman at Starbucks that cut you in line and told you to get out of her way…


You will constantly find yourself standing on the sidelines watching others take the podium because you allow these forces to dictate how you perform.
These forces are like cancer and will DESTROY your approach to daily life time and time again if you do not rectify your boundaries and come back to the number one person that can control each and every one of these situations.

That person is YOU!!
Typically, before a big competition, you may be nervous with anticipation, you may find yourself speaking in German when you can barely speak English and all of this is okay,
just so long as you’re not letting it fall into a place to get you off track and derail your approach to the day, the comp, the meeting WHATEVER you are prepping for, having the calmness before the storm is the true and only way that you will be at peace with yourself.

I’m a HUGE advocate that people need to focus on their breath and need to do more Yoga.

silhouette shot of woman practicing yoga at the Caribbean beach during sunset or sunrise

These two factors ESPECIALLY in competition go so far and you have no idea how truly important it is to control your breath and have a definitive understanding of your center balance.

When you can sit within, and really fucking do it, you’ll discover that you don’t hear the wind anymore, you won’t hear the crowd or the asshole talking shit to you
(Which in competition is typically me) to get you off your game, all you’ll do is breath and listen to your breath.

If you can find this type of peace, your mind will connect to your breath and in turn, you will move through life in absolute CONTROL even when shit’s not in control, the only person you can control is yourself.

How you allow yourself to react is a direct reflection of how connected or disconnected you truly are.
Now, granted, catch me driving in my car on ANY given occasion and you’ll see my road rage flare up like a pack of hemorrhoids, #zerofuksgiven Thus is life..
Hopefully you can take this RANDOM and SLIGHTLY all over the place rant to heart and try to think about your approach to all aspects of your life because let’s face it, it’s ALL connected.