Got a chance to do some exploring this morning / afternoon in a sweet spot called Paia, Hawaii.

I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about Maui and have been absolutely floored from the smallest things I’ve been exposed to in just a few hours.

When people ask me what I truly want out of life, it always comes back to lifestyle and how I perceive and interpret my day to day.

What’s important to me is being as close to the beach as humanly possible.

From the earliest memories I have the beach has and will always be my happy place.

It’s a place that never gets old and only makes me feel compelled to reflect and embrace the smallest things life has to offer.

Looking at my life in the East Coast is not even remotely comparable to a life I’d live in a place like this.

Sure, you’ll always have real world issues and just because the back drop is pure and “magazine” worthy, doesn’t mean your bullshit won’t travel along with you.

For me, it’s truly about finding the balance where I want to work my balls off to relax and enjoy my surroundings that I don’t ever feel the need to back home.

At 33, most of my friends are settled down married, house kids and career focused.

All great things.

For me, my career has been my driving force to establish the means to allow me the luxury to pack my things and move anywhere I want.

The last 18 months has been about aligning my goals with my drive and finding the utmost sincerity within where I’d ultimately like to be.

My heart bleeds for experience, and seeking out new parts of the world where I can explore a new realm within myself.

Life has always been about building myself to do what feels right for me.

The last week has felt pretty damn good and it’s only just beginning.