Start how you want to finish” – Donny Shankle

The struggle is real for a lot of you with dropping your chest/leaning forward when you are pulling from the power position or dipping in the jerk. If you look at the 3 pictures, this is the bottom of the dip in a snatch, clean, and jerk. Back straight, shoulders behind the bar on the snatch and clean. From standing straight through the full dip, your back angle will not change. Focus on driving the bar with just your legs.

Voila_Capture 2016-05-07_09-46-15_AM

I unintentionally set up right against one of the beams. You can see my butt and upper back would both be in contact. You can get a little further back on the snatch and clean with how the weight balances but the three are pretty close. Check the hip and knee angle. Almost exact. You want to keep the bar balanced over your mid foot as much as possible throughout the lift.

This is also the position on the full snatch and clean you want to get to before full extension. The entire foot should still on the floor (or close to). This allows you to better drive the bar up, instead of out.

As for Donny’s quote. You don’t want to finish your pull or catch the bar with a forward lean, so don’t start that way. You’re going to have to lean back more that you are used to but you’ll actually be straight. If you don’t have a coach there with you, film, film, film. Watch back between sets and make adjustments.

Coach Taylor.