Over the last several years, it’s become almost a joke to point and snicker at Crossfit as a whole.

The amount of articles that come out on the safety and why it’s an abomination to the fitness industry are so second nature, it’s like breathing at this point.

Before I started working with Crossfit athletes, I used to be one of these people. I would constantly say things like “Pfffft fucking Crossfit is the dumbest shit on the planet. Look at these idiots flailing around on pull up bars like a bunch of high school kids overdosing on skittles and Pepsi”

Now, I still find myself in a state of laughter these days, but more around the “fashionistas” of the CF scene. Like, dude, must you wear a CF Games trucker hat, CF hoodie, CF tshirt, CF Games shorts, High Knee socks, Nano’s and a fuckin CF games protein shaker?

I get it! YOU CROSSFIT… Now, can you lift or are you all show?

I’m one of those dudes that goes in with a purpose to train and get shit done. I typically do NOT like to talk to anyone and just go in focused and ready to make whatever barbell finds it’s way into my hands my bitch.

Now, the days when I’m hitting a WOD or a conditioning day in general is when I’m way less “focused” and rather have fun and enjoy talking shop with friends and hitting something gross, then puking, then high fiving, then doing it again.

Prime example was just a few hours ago.

Today I knew I wanted to hit a 8 to 15 minute batch of awful, and did I the hell ever.

I stopped over to a box here in Massachusetts called Crossfit Newton (which is located in Waltham Massachusetts) The place is solid and has just about everything I need when it comes to lifting or hitting some conditioning. The people there are awesome and I have a bromance with one of their coaches Lachlan. Dudes from Australia and a BEAST of a metcon junky.

Every time I go visit to train, I have to do it on a day when it’s a random wod day for me or I’d NEVER get any true work done. Lachlan and I chat way too much in the best way. I feel like school girls out by the flag poll talking about cute boys and Barney.

What is intriguing to me as a coach is to watch how I compare and contrast with someone like Lachlan.

He’s lean, fast, and has a nasty engine that could keep him moving for days.

I’m currently moving through a massive weight loss program and over all “mind/body” connection that I’ve wanted to dabble with for quite sometime. Over the years of Powerlifting and training to be as strong as humanly possible, I lost the desire to… Well, train to be the strongest ever.

After so many injuries I knew there needed to be a huge change with my approach to my training.

Running a business and trying to balance training for 2 1/2 to 3 hours on top of everything else burned me the hell out.

I had zero balance and could not spread myself in an equal way what’s so ever.

Well, over the last 6 months or so, I really started to focus on my mobility and rehabbing old nicks and bruises that have stayed around and been training through for far too long. As my mind shifted to really just moving and feeling better, I started looking at how much clearer I was viewing my training and where I could make the time to still train like an asshole, and not be so beat up that I’d be living on a couch for days and not be able to function like a human.


I’ve been pushing and pulling and squatting somewhat respectable weight, and until I feel as close to 100%, I wont break 450/475 for Deads. I wont Squat more than 450/500. Those two movements have had a massive tendency to destroy my life in the past and I’m training smart for the first time ever.

Now, back to today’s session.

My dude Travis posted this GROSS wod earlier today and I just had to be all up in that shit…


KB Squat Clean Thrusters 4/per Arm

Rest 2 Minutes


Now, let me explain something to you.

I am a strong dude, and can handle and hold my own in MOST situations, but this right now is a MAJOR weakness for me.

I’m really working on slicing a TON of weight and rebuilding my body from the ground up. This also includes my conditioning and engine in general.

Right before we set out on this 4 minute batch of hell, I thought “Eh, I’ll use the 53lb KB, I’m going to crush this”

Well, round 1 Lachlan and I hung with the 35lb KB which was MORE than enough torture for me today especially after the beast leg session I had last night.

***Squat Clean Thrustes day after a 2 hour squat day yesterday? What a GREAT idea……****

I felt okay the first few sets and then I made the cardinal sin in my world when it comes to conditioning..

I LOOKED at the GAWT damn clock :(

It’s like working in a cubicle and staring at the clock. It NEVER moves and every time you convince yourself that it’s been “at least an hour” you look up and it’s been 60 seconds.

office space

At 60 seconds in, I knew what I had ahead of me and knew this was going to be a bitch of a wod to finish.

It also did not help that Lachlan was GUNNING through this like a machine and made me look like a scared 12 year old home alone for the first time.

Every time I stopped, I kept thinking “You are pathetic. You are a pussy”

This is my inner competitor that is a constant in my life.



Over the last 4 weeks I’ve kicked 22lbs and on the “high” of losing weight, I thought… “Hey, let me try on that old blue hoodie for shit’s and giggles” Well, I’m not QUITE there just yet and you’ll have some WONDERFUL shots of my gut hanging out during the Thruster.

Anyways, Lachlan is a prime example that strength is not always the answer and I’m realizing this the more I’m invested in furthering my Remote Masters athletes and getting them as far in CF as humanly possible.

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I will NEVER not say that strength will never not trump all, but in CF, there is truly a happy medium that needs to be addressed especially as we are nearing the Open.

The Open is not about max effort abilities by ANY means and is more about seeing how fit you are overall.

Moving sub-max and light loads at lightning speeds until you can’t stand is the name of the game period!

I’m so stoked to watch Lachlan throw it down for the Open this year as I’m even more giddy to see my Masters athletes do some SERIOUS work during the Open. It’s like a proud parent watching their kids play their first big game and I’m on the sidelines screaming my face off and YES that ANNOYING parent in the crowd with a camera yelling “That’s my kid.. Hey asshole ARE YOU WATCHING?”

Love or hate CF, I have nothing but respect for the discipline and admire so many of these athletes that have made it to the top of the sport and are complete freaks of fitness.

Today, I was taught a major lesson…

I was shown that I need to work harder and I was shown that I’m now going to train for the sole purpose of beating the shit out of Lachlan in a wod in the not so distant future.

He’s a cheery ol’ lad from Australia and I’m positive my kryptonite will become my strength’s over the next 12/18 months.

Lachlan 1

Mike 0

Until next time


Mike Casavant