Add Mass To That Ass Squat Challenge 

 *Not Responsible for Earth Shattering PR's*



We here at Iron Force Athletics, have been helping animals, just like yoursef add SERIOUS numbers to their lifts for the last several years

Whether you're a Powerlifter, Crossfitter, Olympic Lifter, Bodybuilder or a general strength enthusiast...

EVERYTHING you do is based around a squat

With this challenge we have taken a no holds barred approach to launching your squat game into the STRATOSPHERE!

*Whatever you are currently running for a program, just add the IFA program into your squat day, and watch the GAINS happen.

*Facebook Coaching Group for support, guidance & video critiques from three different coaches.

Is this challenge for you?

*If you feel like you've stalled out in your progress -

*If you continously jump from one "magic" program to the next with subpar to boderline laughable results -

*If you are not happy with your current regimen and feel like it's hopeless to get an ass of a God(ess)  -

*If you're fearful to go up in weight -

*If you're sick of getting stapled every time you attempt to lift a bit heavier -

*If you think Whiskey & Cartwheels are fun -

The THIS challenge is ABSOF#*^INGLUTELY for you!

Don't look back 12 months from now kicking yourself in that flat inverted slab of awful you call an ass!

Take the bull by the horns and let's get you lifting like Patrick Swayze (RIP) because NOBODY puts Baby in the Corner!

8 weeks to set yourself up for the rest of the year.

It's now or tomorrow.

You're not a....Procrastinator...Are you?


The Rules - 

  • You will have to submit a video of your most recent 1RM Back Squat once we get the challenge underway to know everyone's starting point.
  • Each week, you will need to post a video from the day's "LAST" set of the Back Squat Program.
  • Once signed up, you'll be invited to a private Facebook group where we will converse and be keeping track of who's posting their weekly (mandatory) Squat video from the program.

The Winner - 

  • We will be issuing a "winner" based off of "total" percentage increase.  Example:  At start of challenge you had a 405lb back squat and at the end of the challenge you now have a 432lb back squat.  You added 27lbs to your squat so the percentage of the increase would be 105% compared to previous max lift.
  • 1 Month Iron Force Athletics Remote Membership
  • 1 Iron Force Athletics T-Shirt
  • 2 Bottles of A8 Fuel and Recovery
  • 2  Pairs of Pedestal Socks 2.0's
  • 1 Pedestal T-Shirt

  • 2 Shirts of Your Choice

8 Weeks = 8 Sessions

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It's a Startling Sensational Cost of $18

Begins, January 9, 2017 


"Nothing but, good news 40lb PR in Back Squat and 45lb PR in Front Squat          Thanks Mike for the programming!" 

- Tom Thebeau

"Today:  a all time PR on my Back Squat of #40 at 395 and #25 PR on my Front Squat of 315.

All I can say is Mike Casavant and Peter Sannicandro are some sort of mad scientists ready to take over the CF World!"

 - Jason Boudreau

"I haven't Back Squatted more than 135lbs ever, but today I Squatted 150lbs three times.

Thank you Mike and Peter for giving me the confidence to go heavier."

     - Cindy Metcalf