Deadlifts are easily without a shadow of doubt my favorite lift.

It goes without saying that in my eyes, it’s the king of all lifts.

But one thing that has always bothered me is watching people that are brand new to deadlifting, immediately pull from the floor without having a better gauge on the fundamentals of the movement.

Especially understanding hip hinge.

I’ve always started new clients with two focused points to make sure they are drilling technique and understand how the movement not only feels, but what musculature I DON’T want them using.

1- Kettlebell Swing

2- Kettlebell RDL

With the KBS & KBRDL, this is one of the safest most effective ways of progressing towards a full deadlift.

It’ll teach you how the weight will be distributed, and how to properly load your hamstrings and glutes while saving your lumbar.

After you’ve drilled this and feel comfortable, introducing a barbell from a rack position would be my next go to.

You can work from mid quad, above knee, below knee, mid shin and eventually you’ve made it to the floor.

Even after years of deadlifting, I’ll go back to a fundamental approach and break each section of the lift down and always go back to this format for a checks & balances.

If you’re brand new to deadlifting, don’t listen to your asshole friends who are telling you to throw more weight on the bar.

Take the time to DE-VEL-UP (yes I spelled that wrong) because if you slow your roll, it’s ONLY up from here 👊🏻

If you’ve been in the game for awhile and haven’t broken this down in a minute, add this sequence in today and see how things are flowing from top to bottom…

Slow progress is always the best progress.