(IFA-Strength Tip)

After an absolute SAVAGE leg session on Monday, the DOMS has set in and I feel like I am using someone else’s legs 😂😂

I’ve always incorporated
Rear Elevated Split Squats in most if not all of our programs, especially for the ‪#‎IronForceAthletics‬ Remote-Masters Athletes.

It’s one of the best movements to improve single leg strength, stability and also helps increase ROM & Mobility.

~~~Oh, and you’ll get DIESEL Quad Gainzzzzz.. 💪🏻

Most people tend to try and do these with an upright torso, but one trick I love is to really work on more of a forward lean, nothing super excessive but somewhere around 30 degree’s.

You’ll find you’ll feel better in the bottom end and be able to fully focus on the movement, instead of focusing on how uncomfortable your low back feels from the anterior tilt.

It’s a complete BITCH of a movement and will bring the strongest human to their knees.

If you’re not incorporating these into your routine, I highly recommend getting all sorts of crazy on them and get your SWOLEGame in CHECK!


Do NOT do these with dreaded Tennis Shoes. Go barefoot, or something without a raised squishy heel and you’ll be good to roll.

Homeboy in the picture needs to get LURNED…



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