(IFA-Endurance Tip)

Coach Beth Clark drops the hammer on some SOLID cadence drills to enhance your running skills.

I believe the last time I ran further than 40 yards was about 1988. I was five 😂😂

The point being, pay attention to what Beth has to say. She’s Smahtttt!!!


Here is a simple cadence drill you can start today that will almost immediately improve your efficiency and speed.

First, what is cadence?

Running cadence is determined by the amount of times your foot comes in contact with the ground in any given minute. Recreational runners generally have a cadence of 160 to 170 steps per minute, while elite runners fall in the 180 and above range.

Think about taking small quick steps when running. Often times runners make the mistake of over reaching and over striding. The thinking is that if they reach, they will be faster, but in fact the opposite is true. Small quick steps are the key to fast efficient running, as well as preventing impact injuries.

The Drill:

*Using a stop watch, start with a 30 second running segment. It does not have to be fast, a general pace works fine.

*Count how many times your left foot touches the ground. Double that number to give you a total, then double it again for your cadence. (eg. 40 steps, multiply by 2 = 80. Then, 80 x 2 =160 which is your cadence)

*If the number is below 190, take a 15 second break, then repeat. Try to improve your cadence by one or two steps.

*Repeat this drill 8 times.

Practice this once a week and you will see your cadence number become higher and more consistent. The result is faster running without more running!