Sunday Reflective

Every season brings a new reason to step out and try something unknown to your habitual like living habits

We can all fall into what we know like love and never think to venture into another aspect of what the world has to offer

But the more we get comfortable with the discomfort, the better and more fulfilled we will become

How many moments have you started something had so much passion and intention to see it through and then nothing?

It’s as if it lost all meaning, all desire all will

Going one foot in is a method most seem to live by, whether they want to admit it or not, it’s the cold hard truth

Everyone has the aspirations to fulfill what their desired destiny may be, but so many continue to ride the pity train and continue to find every moment to give up because of circumstance

Life gets in the way, it always will and the more you keep telling yourself that it’s “okay” to give up the more you’ll find that trickle effects every part of your life

Having discipline and grit goes a long way, but adding variety to your life, spontaneous moments where you just pick up and go will add value unlike anything you’ve grown accustomed to

Keep pushing to find new things to bring out the strongest version of your capabilities

It’ll only get more comfortable