Being consistent is arguably one of the most challenging things for most to establish and implement within their lives

At some point, you’ll get tossed off course and everything takes a back seat, even the things you most love to do

So during these trying times, how can you develop some form of accountability for yourself to make sure that when you do veer off you find your way back?

Some people hire a coach, some will hire an assistant and some, well some will just continue on being up when they’re up and down when they’re down and never bother to change the course of direction

It’s moments when we we’ve folded our hand to stop for a second and reconcile a past situation that could be plaguing your now

It’s like that song you hear on the radio 100x’s a day, a song you love and admire and hum as often as you can, but never buy the record

Instead, you’ll continue to eagerly wait for the song to play, causing more friction than needed

So when we look at consistency, it’s the things we decide to do when nobody is watching that will continue on the uphill journey

Yes, it’s challenging but when you avoid all of the naysayers and the people and things that have a tendency to derail your growth, and replace them with more meaningful solutions, you’ll find that being consistent is not as challenging as one would think

After you’ve spent long enough in the gutter, you’ll start to find solace in simplicity and find a better purpose than just plowing through to the next thing

You may stop and take in your surroundings to remember why you started and set out on this path in the first place

Once you can acknowledge those moments, you’ll shed light on the fourth coming and continue adding value into your lives, by remaining focused and enjoying the ups when they’re up and the downs when they’re down..