Over the span of ones life, you will be faced with many of cross roads, many of let downs, and certainly many betrayals

It never will get easier as you open yourself up to vulnerability, to try and add more selfless elements within the scope of your being and put as much good into the world as you can

But no matter the case, someone somewhere is always looking out for themselves and no matter how great of a relationship you may or may not have, you are the last portion of a thought when it comes to them making a shift to better improve themselves and leave you in the dust

The reality is to put your nose down and “learn” from your mistakes. Take that as fuel and light the fire under your ass to “never” let it happen again

But the devil inside everyone will always come out if that door is knocked on enough

And when you answer, you have to be prepared for what’s on the other side

Is it pretty? Is it easy?

Fuck no! It sucks and it only gets more difficult

But over the span of your life, being able to reflect back on the trials and tribulations you’ve over come should be quite rewarding

No matter how you spin it, it’s all about what you can truly handle as an individual and if you can face the mirror in the morning and rest your head at night with a healthy conscious

Trust comes tough and will only continue to get tougher as you’re forced into situations with a sour taste within your mouth

So, what do you do when you’re up against the wall?

You shatter the pieces that are displayed across the floor and dedicate yourself to making sure you’ve established every ounce of energy into yourself

At that point, life will dictate where you’re destined to be and you can face the mirror in the morning and rest your head at night with a clear conscious and light heart.