There’s a paradigm of loss that emulates growth but the journey to absolution can be quite the undertaking, unless you free your mind of doubt and open it to possibility

The ocean before you has unlocked a new sensation and electrifies a portal within your being, that drives you to break the chains of stagnancy and find a new pulse under the stars

The life you’ve lead up to this point has redefined this very moment as you sit in silence wondering your next move

It’s in this place, that you shut the world out
and stop seeking external advice, and channel your thoughts to listen to the one voice you never seem to want to listen to.

Your own.

We can find ourselves running in circles as we approach one person after the next to tell us the right decision for our given lives

But when we seek the external advice of so many, we lose sight on the rectifying moments of discovering our true potential from our own perception

Nobody will ever truly understand your life’s purpose, and if you don’t have a complete grasp on the direction in which you want to sail, no amount of advice will do anything but fall on deaf ears

The more you free your mind and get in touch with yourself, the faster life’s roads begin to open and display the directions without hesitation to a redefined version of your purpose, your place of being

Unless you take the time to explore the inner most deepest parts of your soul, you’ll never have a solid grasp on your own reality and instead, will always be swimming up stream never getting to that special place that lies within arms reach