What does it say about the person who doesn’t give up?

The person whom never shows a sign of weakness even under scrutiny and the woes of everyday life

These people are few and far between and when you come across one, take note on their every move as they do not breath nor think like anyone else and if you’re aware they will awaken a certain thought process if you’re able and willing to accept the altered view of the world

What intrigues a curious mind, is the struggle through their given transition

Everyone has something they need to transition from to get to or away from something else

Though the individuals that embody the strength and confidence to look the unknown in the eyes and truly move past the objections and know that whatever comes into their world, for good or bad will be able to not only handle but succeed those given objections

Far too many look at the end result of someone’s struggle and want to embody them as the person they are now

When they find out that that person lived in their car for a year, suffered a divorce, had people that stole from them and have put in 90 hours a week, the entire demeanor of that person shifts

The person listening to the story seems almost deflated

They can’t justify giving up comfort to live in a state of uncertainty to chase a dream or build an idea into something bigger than anyone who’s not building will think is not obtainable

Nothing about this person is wrong, but if you are enlightened to the process of living life on your own terms, how can you even begin to relate?

If you’re going to fail at something, always make sure it’s you that’s burning your own being to the ground and not left in the hands of someone else that is not as invested

At the end of the day, it’s you vs. the world

Nobody will ever care as much or work as hard on the life you want to build for yourself

Create the ultimate path of your success and don’t stop for anyone that tries to derail your process

Value yourself before anyone or anything else PERIOD!!