The design and shape of ones mind is thought to be established from birth

Though what is presumed to be and what we allow to be are two very different perspectives that form ones true identity

Within the realms of a catastrophic view, under the lens of society’s woes, we can come to embody traits that are not our own

We can find ourselves locked and trapped within the walls of a modernized blue print of our destiny that is no longer ours

While sum will continue the momentum of walking through swamps of a life not lived by their own accord, others will spring into their given direction by just doing

All the knowledge can become suffocating if you’re not applying this said knowledge to redefine what’s been presented as the solution since birth

Reliving history is no longer an option when we are given the tools to develop our true definitive paths and have the internal resources to truly not be stuck singing the same tune day in and day out

If you consider for a second, that there can be an alternative to what’s been your life to this very moment, what would you do with that knowledge?

Would you continue carrying a backpack full of cement, or would you find the hammer to chisel away from the things you’ve allowed to slow you down in life and break free of your own bullshit?

Too many of us look at books, and words and need things perfectly aligned before we make our first step

The issue that is simple

The power of knowledge can become a curse if you allow it

Sometimes, the very best thing to do is not know what you’re doing, and bury your nose in the pavement to see how bad you can fail

With every failure comes tremendous growth

While some will continue to use their past as their crutch, you can redefine your approach and pave the way to the unknown world that you will build brick by brick