Sometimes, as we fly from one thing to the next, trying to chase the objects that we can’t see to add more to our day to day lives we forget that the simplest way to add more freedom is to do less

It’s very easy to amerce ourselves in external fragments that dictate a portion of our life needed to survive

But when that survival becomes our only means, where is the diamond in the sand when we can press pause and just enjoy life from the things that we’ve created?

Freedom is a challenging thing when you’re succumbed by the wayside of forces and elements that pull you in multiple directions

And the longer you allow these forces to pull, the faster you’ll realize there’s nothing left to give

Until you give back to yourself

Money truly will never buy happiness and once you realize that you’ll start to understand your process of growth by building your life around your personal well being

Of course we need money to survive and to work hard to build the life we want, but at what cost?

At what point is your health and mind a distant memory in pursuit for more?

Having a hustle mentality is a wonderful gift, but how you hustle is a completely different infrastructure that most lose sight on

In pursuit for something bigger, you’ll find those long hours spent working and the sacrifices you’ve made along the way to be rewarding when you reach your end game

But the daily grind that so many shine light on is something you should not be envious of

Grinding & Hustling will only be as good as the systems you create to be more productive, the habits you embody to stay on track, the time you take for yourself so when you’re faced with adversity you can continue to grow and not be a shell of a human that’s burnt out and can’t tell if he’s coming or going

When all else fails, just breathe

Recenter your focus and and tap into your breathing to remember that you’re just one person, you’re just one body and it’ll all be okay

We choose the thoughts that we allow in our minds to drive us insane, or bring a healthier perspective on otherwise negative situations

As we fly into a new year, of new goals and new journeys always remember to stop and take a look around, the world is a truly beautiful place if you allow yourself to see it