With a new year comes many things

Many desires wants aspirations rise to the surface during this auspicious time for us to recognize our true capabilities and rectify what we feel needs to occur to bring us to a different place

But as we venture into new unknown territories, the indecision of life’s woes can lead us and pull us to stagnant like tendencies and find us feeling frustrated and confused when all we truly need to do is decide

Being in a state of hesitancy is the quickest way to push you off track and keep you in a state of feeling lost

Taking control of your thought process and committing to what you need to fulfill your desires can be one of the most rewarding feelings in the world

When you stop being so indecisive you’ll then and only then be able to free yourself of the mundane bullshit that you continue to feed yourself which softens the blow of what your reality actually is

“Monday, I’m on it. Big changes”

“Well, I know this is and will be great for me, but I’m going to delay doing anything for another six month to get even more off track and THEN maybe I’ll wake up”

Commitment is our most powerful tool that does not cost a damn thing

Until you commit to yourself and open yourself up to the possibility, you’ll never stop feeding the world what it wants to hear and continue to lose touch with your internal being

Once you stand your ground and commit to the next place you want to be, you’ll stop apologizing for being who you are because you truly won’t give a shit

The only person you owe anything to is yourself

Commit to yourself and everything that may be suffering in your life will drastically change If you are truly ready for it

One day, One choice at a time