Living in a state of imbalance causes so many underlying feelings of torment, which can progressively get you further and further off life’s destination

When we haven’t yet established the absolute platform for us as individuals to stand upon and build ourselves the foundation we need to fulfill our destiny’s

Nothing will ever truly be what it should

We will always find ourselves in heavy states of lost confused and unsure

Neither of these feelings should stay too long within your mind, and you must break the monotonous often cement like states of being to face the inevitable and move along on your soul course of purpose

Holding onto feelings of the past and keeping one foot in will never help you understand to develop your now and only ever disrupt it

Until we’ve walked the journey of a thousand steps alone

Until we’ve embraced true discomfort of thy self

Is only when we will definitively discover who we are as individuals

The challenge is in doing

The challenge is in facing yourself on the other side of the spectrum to ask those hard questions that you may not know the answer

But in time, when you’re ready it will present its self to you for the taking

Without clarity of sight, you will walk past other beings as if empty and hollow

Once you fulfill the fire inside that drives your destiny, you will see and hear things that you never knew existed

Stay sharp with what you want

Make decisions that best suit you and don’t look back

You’re already two steps forward, why would you not want to move four?