As you start to unravel different forms of ones self, you will start to open your eyes to the world around you and start to truly address each emotion, person and general approach to life

It can be like watching a silent movie, you know there are people and places and situations but all you see are their mouths moving

All you feel is confusion

The longer we allow ourselves to sit in silence and watch the display that is our lives on a screen the faster we become shells of our former selves without having a single ounce of confidence to stand upon

No matter how intimidating the process can be, having the stones to look at yourself under the microscope to open up to vulnerability and open up to the possibility will release so many years of toxic energy that we continue to carry on our shoulders

When we stop rushing through our days and can have moments of clarity to observe and understand not just our relationship with ourselves, but with each and every person

We will always know who to keep at arms length, and who we will feel comfortable letting into our worlds

Too many of us let the wrong ones in which causes us to be bitter and resentful to the right ones that could be in

But when our minds heart and eyes are not in unison, our thought process will always be tainted and blurred

No matter the direction, always know you have and embody the complete road map to freedom and true definitive understanding of yourself

The only way to understand is to get uncomfortable

The only way to get uncomfortable is to get uncomfortable