This is such a solid quote that resonates with me at this very second.

There’s so many moments along ones journey where we want to pull the plug and feel the act of defeat is winning.

But truth be told, everyday is a form of defeat when we ultimately are living and breathing to formulate our own paths.

Nothing about the journey is easy, and when we consider life as an ocean, the unpredictable components that interface the day to day are completely accurate.

One minute, you’re smooth sailing, the very next second you’re in a down slop and tornado and you’re life is FUCKED…

But the very next second it calms down and continues the process of movement.

Sure, it’s never truly easy, but knowing when your back is against the wall and knowing that when shit hits the fan you can shift directions and continue operating on all cylinders is the true definition of accommodating to resistance.

Every second we have a form of resistance to shift us of course.

It’s what we do when we are off course that redirects us to the desired road to our desired destination.