“Hey Mike, I have been pretty religious running the program. I tend to go a bit heavier than the recommended percentages, but not too much. I use the lighter weight to work on form and explosiveness (which tends to be my biggest challenge; the 2nd pull w/hip extension). My squats (back and front) are feeling solid since I’ve been focusing on them. I was following Catalyst Athletics prior to your program. Your program is right in step with what I’ve been doing. I got 2 x 4 x 300# last week (1st time I’ve done reps in the 300 range – I usually just do singles) I get a lot out of the comments on the posted videos, i.e. “get out of the ‘hole’ quick”. That has made a difference with all my lifts. Last Friday was a real shoulder burner – I appreciate those workouts. I do the “Iron Force” workouts in the morning and do the CF main site with my buddies in the afternoon. Needless to say I am beat at the end of the week. I really enjoy what you’re putting out there.”

Joe Robidou

“After 6 weeks with IFA, I realized I had truly found a group that knows each other, and share each other’s progress and weaknesses in a fashion that supports its own. The programming is a much needed change for myself as a competitor, than other remote programs that do not necessarily focus on the 40+ individual like myself. The coaching is always there when I’ve needed it. And also the support from the other members of IFA. This has been a great 6 weeks and cannot wait for the open in 2017!”

Nathan Habhab

“I haven’t back squatted more than 135#, ever. I had a scary bailout 4 years ago and then foot surgery 2 years ago and I’m just not comfortable squatting heavy. Today I back squatted 150#… three times… Thank you Mike and Peter for giving me the confidence to go heavier.”

Cindy Steen Metcalf

“And another thing! I keep expecting to lose weight doing this intense cardio, but I’m holding steady at 93kg, and even seeing signs of a six pack (at 50). That means a solid 7kg (15.5 lbs) of muscle since starting Iron Force after The Open last year. And no loss on muscle ups or pull-ups with extra weight. I often see guys gain weight on programs and then get worse on gymnastic stuff.  Magic Mike Casavant!”

Scott Graham

“I have been a member of Iron Force Athletics since August 2015 and I can honestly say that it has been a positive addition to my training and to my life. The programming is great, the coaches are awesome but, most importantly, the community is like no other. The programming is geared strictly toward the master’s athlete which is a welcoming change. The coaches are very nice and easy to communicate with but are not shy about telling you like it is. If you have bad form on a lift, they will let you know and will tell you exactly how to fix it. Since joining IFA my maxes have gone up, my gymnastics has improved and my cardio has gotten so much better. The community is the best part. Being able to share this experience with other master’s athletes and having their support has made all the difference for me”

Jennifer Cornely

“I love the programming! The strength has just enough volume for me to settle into it and focus on quality work. I love the mixture of EMOM and straight sets. You are throwing in some very beneficial movements that I have never done: deficit DL’s and two armed DM Snatches. Love the 20 rep stuff also! The conditioning is challenging….the kind of challenge you look forward to! I tried out last week’s conditioning with fb snatches on one of my classes last week and they loved it! Tear It down Tuesday is ferocious…..thank goodness! It also helps that it is obvious you LOVE doing this! Your crazy energy is obvious! Looking forward to MORE. I honestly frequently make up my own stuff….just go in and let it happen. I also love the range of athleticism in this group. This is a serendipity thing…Iron Force just fell into my lap and I love it!!! Train like a bull, Mike!”

Debra Rose McMahon Levitt

Loving the program so far and really excited to see where I will be in a few weeks. Niki and I just came off barbell shrugged muscle gain challenge so this is like the icing on the cake. 4 of us from our box are following this and they as well are excited. Thanks for everything and keep up the superb job. By the way I am digging the vibe on the board. My kind of people”

Stephen McAdams

“I started this program because I had noticed how “unstrong” I was becoming the last couple of years if that makes sense. I was focusing on snatch and c&J to the extent that pure strength suffered. I am an old bodybuilder who used to throw some serious weights around and I wanted to get that back. The program I really like. It is enough volume and I can work on other skills/wods. I like to lift with percentages instead of just going heavier each week and trying to pr. everything is explained nicely and easy to follow. Really like the deadlift warmup. The really cool thing about this program is the group of people. I am so impressed with everyone’s support and encouragement and of course the comments are hilarious. I have worked out for so long basically by myself with no feedback/coaching and I sure like how you correct things (so fast too)! I cannot think of anything I would change and thanks so much for letting me be a part of this, really enjoying myself and excited to train every day”

Trisha Beauperthuy

“After following the programming of Iron Force Athletics for over a year it is clear that it is the best training decision I have ever made!  Mobility, strength, Olympic lifts, gymnastics, nutrition and endurance…IFA is all inclusive.  Support from coaches specific to each domain, plus a private online community rounds out everything I need to make the gains I desire.  I can do my work from home or at my local box.  Programming is flexible, challenging yet scalable and the online group is just outright beastly fun!”

Tracey Weaver