Strength and Technique pulling under the bar in the snatch

First things first, make sure you are set up properly. Grip wide enough that the bar hits the crease of the hips while standing up with relaxed arms. Shoulders over or slightly in front of the bar. Head up, chest up. “Knuckles down” or “Break at the wrist” however you want to remember it. this helps keep the bar close. Weight towards the heel. Elbows turned out. all this before you pull the bar from the floor.

As you go through the first pull and into the second pull the “elbows out” cue puts you in a better position to high pull and keep the bar close. At the top of your second pull, you’ve reached full extension of the hips, knees, and ankles. bar is pulled high and close. As your feet leave the platform and start to move out to the catch position, keep pulling on the bar! if your feet are off the ground, and you’re pulling hard on the bar, you will pull yourself under. then punch up into the bar. i use the cue “punch, high pull, punch” on myself all the time. the first punch is for full, aggressive triple extension, the second punch is up into the bar on the catch. think about pulling your shoulder blades together at the same time. trying to time your foot stomp and punch helps with an aggressive lockout as well.

working the snatch from a hang, specifically a high hang and “tall” variations, will help your technique getting faster under the bar. there’s less time between the pull and catch so you have to react quickly or you’ll miss the lift. the same is true working from blocks. blocks are tougher because you are working from a dead stop so there is no stretch reflex. Snatch balances will help with the timing of the lockout.

Strength is very important in a fast turnover. if your technique is sound and you’re still slow, try getting stronger. your upper back, shoulders, traps are all involved with the pull obviously. also lock out strength. your upper back to support the weight and triceps to lock your elbows out. Pull-ups, rows, and presses will help but using movement specific exercises will carry over faster because your technique will get better at the same time.

  • For pulling strength and drilling to keep the bar close…

Highpulls from a dead stop, hang, and from the floor

  • For actual turnover strength. And to drill how to keep pulling on the bar…

Muscle snatch  from a dead stop, a hang, and from the floor (the last rep was a PR for me. a pretty easy one)

  • For lockout timing…

Snatch balance

  • And lockout strength…

Behind the neck push press

There’s lots of tools in the toolbox to fix what ails you. Go see what you’re good at, and what you suck at. That should give you a good idea of what to work on.

– Coach Taylor