Jerk Drills

By: Coach Taylor


Just like the snatch and the clean, there are drill to fix and strengthen your split jerk. For example, pausing in the dip will help teach you to not jump forward, keep the bar path straight, and finish your leg drive. Once you have figured out what you need to work on, these drills can help fix the issue.


Too narrow of a split/staying balanced in the catch –


(these already have some commentary in the video. from another project)

Strength and balance overhead in the split –



I prefer the jerk version because you dip in the catch similar to what you would do getting under an actual jerk.


Strength and balance recovering from the split –



You can eventually get heavy with these. 110%+ of your max jerk once you get used to the movement.


With all of these, make sure your feet are where they should be. vertical front shin. bent back knee. balanced between both feet with the bar, shoulder, and hips stacked. You can use the balance and presses in split as technique primers as part of your warm-up or as stand alone exercises and push the weight. working these into complexes is also effective.